Street Foods You Can Indulge In Even If You Are On A Diet
Image Credit: Street food (Picture Courtesy: Pixabay)

Can’t live without having street foods but ditching them for getting in good shape? No need to control your craving anymore as certain street food can satiate your hunger without affecting your weight loss diet, thanks to their nutritional value. Not all street food is packed with oil and calories. Some are not so popular but good for health. Here is a list of them.

Paneer Tikka

Being rich in protein, what can be better than a paneer for weight loss? It not only reduces your appetite but also helps in burning belly fat and changing levels of weight regulating hormones. There is a variety of paneer tikka available to choose from. Paneer tikka doesn’t require too much oil to be prepared. Moreover, it tastes lip-smacking especially with onion rings and green chutney.

Shakarkandi Chaat

Also known as sweet potato chaat, shakarkandi chaat is yet another healthy street food that you can relish. To make this North Indian snack, you need to mix boiled sweet potato cubes, chaat masala, rock salt, lemon juice, and cumin powder. Garnish it with sev and pomegranate seeds. 


It is a type of cheela prepared using moong dal. It is loaded with protein that’s good for weight loss. Moonglet is made by mixing soaked moong dal with spices and veggies like capsicum, onion, tomato and then whisked until the batter becomes fluffy and frothy. Then, the batter is poured over a Tawa and cooked on both sides. You can enjoy moonglet with some chutney.

Bhel Puri

Yes, your favourite bhel puri is also on the list of healthy street foods. This Maharashtrian snack is popular all around India. It is made by mixing puffed rice, tamarind chutney, onion, mint chutney, tomato, mathri, and lemon juice. You can savour bhel puri even when on a diet. 

Seems like it's time to head outside and relish something chatpata!