8 Best Street Foods Around The World
Image Credit: Street Foods Around World

Food is a vital part of every country! While many choose to book a table at a popular restaurant, some would love to nosh upon street food to truly understand the region's flavour. Not only is street food an inexpensive way to satiate your appetite, but it also unlocks the gateway to a life of pure deliciousness. From Takoyaki to Aloo Tikki, everyone must try these eight iconic street foods.

Chinese Dumplings (Jiaozi): China's street food 

Like India, the list of China's street food is quite long. But Jiaozi is one of the most popular ones! Filled with meat or vegetables, Chinese dumplings (jiaozi) are shaped like ancient ingots. They are often deep-fried or shallow fried and eaten with soy sauce.

Takoyaki (octopus balls): Japanese street food 

In Japan, people like street food called Takoyaki. It is a Japanese snack (ball-shaped) cooked in a special moulded pan and wheat flour-based batter. It is typically filled with minced tempura scraps, octopus, green onion and pickled ginger.

Nasi Campur is Indonesia's street food 

Nasi Campur is prevalent street food in Bali, Indonesia. It is a mixed platter of rice wrapped in a banana leaf. Nasi Campur contains rice, loads of veggies and a choice of meat. You can have Nasi Campur with sambal (spicy sauce)! 

Aloo Tikki: India's street food 

Aloo Tikki is popular street food in India. It is a snack originating from South Asia; Aloo Tikki is made of peas, various curry spices and boiled potatoes. "Tikki" means a small croquette, and "aloo" means potato.

Sambal Sotong/Squid: Malaysian street food 

In Malaysia, people like eating sambal sotong. It is also served with rice and is quite spicy. In Malaysia, this dish is served on banana leaves, which enhances this delicious street food experience.

Ethiopian Coffee is Ethiopia's street food 

Coffea arabica originates in Ethiopia, and Ethiopians love coffee more than food. But, unfortunately, you have to wait to drink this coffee because it takes quite a long to be prepared.

Momos: Nepal's street food 

Momo is a dumpling made of flour and filled with either vegetables or meat. Momos are a prevalent Nepali street food (inspired by Tibetan dumplings). 

Hainanese chicken rice is Singapore's street food 

Hainanese chicken rice is a bowl of seasoned rice, and poached chicken meal served with cucumber garnishes and chilli sauce. 

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