Street Food Saga: How To Make Pani Puri At Home?

With the arrival of winters, our cravings for some delicious street foods soar up. From the piping hot aloo tikki chaat to dahi bhalle and shakarkand chaat, the street foods up for grabs during winters are endless. If you are in Delhi, you know the love of Delhiites for street food during winters. You won’t find a single evening when the streets of Delhi don’t smell the myriads of street food up for devouring. 

When I was in Delhi, every evening was spent going on a long walk with my roommate, sitting at the Gurudwara and savouring some delicious street foods on our way back home. Be it piping hot and decadent momos or a plate of dahi bhalle, and no evening was spent without indulging in street foods. However, nothing could beat the OG street food pani puri. The crispy puris filled with ragda or aloo mixture, the tantalizing chutneys and the flavourful pani are enough to satiate your soul and take you on a heavenly culinary journey. However, making pani puri at home can be a hard nut to crack. The struggles are real, from soggy pani puris to not getting the same flavours in the pani. So, to help you make pani puris at home, here are some tips you need to follow. 

  1. The ratio and the kneading of the dough play an essential role in making crispy puris. The ratio of sooji to maida should be 1:2 for perfectly crispy puris. After kneading the dough, grease it with some oil, cover and rest it for at least 20 minutes for crispy puris. 
  2. After dropping the puris in the hot oil, press them with a spoon so that they puff up. 
  3. Add some black salt to the pani for the perfect flavour and aroma. 
  4. We often add ice cubes to the pani but adding ice cubes to the pani may dilute the flavour. So, be careful while adding ice cubes to your pani. 
  5. You can add crunchy fried peanuts to your masala filling for an interesting texture and flavour. 

Follow these tips to make pani puri at home. Then, let us know how they turn out.