Story Of Aam Panna; Different Mango Drinks To Try This Summer

When thinking of mangoes, one thing that comes to our mind is Aam panna. Aam panna is an Indian beverage that is known for its cooling properties. It is a delicious and healthy beverage made from fresh mangoes that range in colour from yellow to light green. It is consumed in summer to combat the harsh Indian summer heat. This beverage is made by adding some cumin powder and mint leaves to the panna. Aam panna is a perfect fruity beverage that keeps you energised and refreshed because of the sugar, mint and mango pulp. There are several variations of aam panna like Red chilli aam panna, minty aam panna, Jaljeera aam panna etc. Some communities even consume warm aam panna at night after dinner. The warm aam panna is usually thicker and sweet. It is often eaten as a dessert and sometimes with salted parantha. Mango is a seasonal fruit and is liked by all. You know what, you can prepare different beverages from mango apart from aam panna.

Here are the mango drinks to try this summer

Mango lassi

What's better than having a tall glass of creamy and thick sweet lassi? Lassi in summer feels like heaven, and having sweet lassi after a tiring day is like a cherry on the cake. There are different variations of lassi. One such variation is mango lassi. While making lassi, add some mango pulp to it. Blend it well. Put in some ice cubes and enjoy this relaxing beverage.