Stop Throwing Musk Melon Seeds; See 5 Benefits

With the onset of summer, we see some common fruits sold all over the market. First is the watermelon and second, is the musk melon. Known for its high-water content, musk melon is a pulpy fruit that can keep your body hydrated and refreshed. This fruit is packed with ample health benefits too. But what’s the one thing you always do before or while eating this fruit? Throwing away the seeds, right? But you need to stop doing it. Here’s why! 

If some experts are to be believed, musk melon seeds are as healthy as the fruit itself. They contain protein, carbohydrates, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin E along with minerals like magnesium, niacin, zinc etc. When made a part of your everyday diet, these seeds can work like magic for your body. Wanna know about the benefits of musk melon seeds in detail? Here you go! 

Video credits: Al Madinah Nourishment/YouTube

Helps In Lowering Blood Pressure 

A lot of people suffer due to fluctuations in their blood pressure. If this is your case, you must give musk melon seeds a try. As per some experts, musk melons have a high content of potassium which makes it ideal to keep blood pressure in check. It also promotes healthy heart health.  

Promotes Better Eyesight 

Musk melon seeds are rich in essential nutrients like vitamin A as well as beta carotene. Because of this, musk melon seeds can promote better eyesight and can even cure eye-related issues like cataract.  

Good For Hair And Skin 

Musk melon seeds are rich in protein and thus can help in the growth of body tissues. Because of this, musk melon seeds can help in better growth of hair and nails. Consumption of musk melon seeds can provide you shiny and silky hair. 

Boosts Immune System 

Consumption of musk melon seeds can provide an adequate amount of vitamin C to your body. Vitamin C helps in boosting immunity and can keep seasonal infections and diseases at bay. Besides, musk melon also helps in the production of white blood cells. 

A Stress Reliever 

Apart from its benefits like immunity boosting and supporting better eye health, musk melon seeds can also act as a stress reliever. Musk melon seeds help in increasing oxygen flow to the brain and thus, makes brain tissues calm and stress-free. You didn’t know this, did you? 

So, next time when you eat musk melon, don’t throw away the seeds. Rather, put them for better use.