Stirring Up The Bar With These New-Age Tea Cocktails
Image Credit: Tea Cocktail

Tea being the most consumed beverage in the world also happens to be the dope for many, but how about adding an extra punch to it. Ever thought about it. Internationally Tea infused cocktails are a much rage. Serving various blends of teas in several of their drinks, the Tea connoisseurs and mixoloigist are experimenting with all variety of unique flavours, combinations to create something that’s absolutely perfect on the senses.  Different from usual or the regular cocktails, tea infused cocktails give that unique flavour that makes all the difference. 

Joel Scholtens Lindsay, Award-Winning Liquid Chef & Mixologist, The Blue Bar at Taj Palace, New Delhi adds “At The Blue Bar at Taj Palace, New Delhi, innovation and creativity are in our DNA and we pride ourselves on having some of the most eclectic cocktails in the country that represent the abstract art that my team and I of liquid chefs are known for. Teas particularly are used extensively across our menu – from Matcha in a gin-based cocktail and Chamomile in single malt-based cocktail to floral teas like Earl Grey, Hibiscus Tea, Rose Tea and Chinese Jasmine Tea, we love the fragrance, flavour profile of teas and feel that they work brilliantly when paired with the right kind of spirit that complements them. So, it could be a whisky-based concoction, a gin-based creation or even something with mezcal in it. Our current bestseller in these winter months is my signature – Joel’s Gin Chai, a comforting concoction for which I make my own Masala Chai with a bunch of aromatic spices and top it up with an Indian Gin – Jaisalmer Gin”. 

With innovation being the key and people being inclined to something out of the box, fancy and exotic ingredients like fruits, spices and yes even rare and exotic flavours if tea is trend for the day. Finding the perfect balance is the key. Though mixing tea and alcohol might have seemed like a risk, but to everyone's surprise it was accepted very well. Be it the Earl Grey-based liqueurs or the tea cocktails, the markets sees no dearth of fancy cocktails. The best part being  any new wave of trend that hits the market is also about creating new opportunities.

Chai spice mule

says “Tea infused cocktails became quite popular a few years ago; they have been trending since then. For tea and liquor aficionados, it becomes a match made in heaven as it gives them an opportunity to taste the best of both worlds in one exciting cocktail that is complex and flavourful. Teas like Jasmine, chamomile, oolong and green teas have been stirred up with whisky, tequila, vodka and gin. There are many varieties of tea available and each lends a different flavour profile; there is no need to use artificial addons as the teas blended with various liquors offer the cocktails depth, complexity and balance.  One can use teas to make a refreshing summer drink or complex and warming winter drink with a few simple tweaks.  Teas can give a new dimension to a simple highball or add depth and complexity to a intense spirit forward drink”. 

With all the innovations across the bar tea surely sees a bright future. Tea holds so many possibilities. With tea itself having so many flavours and variations, alcoholic tea drinks are becoming the demands of drinkers.