Still Strength Tequila 101: All You Need To Know
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Still strength tequila is a unique sipping tequila crafted in Jalisco, Mexico, perfect for sipping neat or on the rocks.  This premium tequila variety skips the dilution and filtration process, taking on a direct journey from distillery to bottle. The liquid flows pure from copper pot stills into bottles untouched, unaltered. With higher 55% ABV rather than standard 40% ABV, it packs a bolder punch. Still strength tequila starts like any other - roasted, fermented agave pineapple distilled into liquid gold. But then it diverges from the norm. Straight into bottles it goes, rather than resting in tanks, waiting for water to tame its personality.  

This preservative-free approach captures the true heart and soul of the agave and the land that nurtured it. Every step matter when crafting tequila, but still strength focuses on the critical final step. No dilution means no disruption of the flavours, aromas, and textures that emerged during distillation. Taste the tequila in its purest expression - rich, intense, complex. The agave shines as the star of the spirit, not overshadowed by water.  

Still strength tequila is an artisanal experience, a voyage of discovery into the essence of agave. Still strength tequila bursts with robust agave flavour, offering an intense spirit experience. One sip transports you to the source. 

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Distilling Tequila 

Tequila's distinct flavour comes from the spiky blue agave plant, harvested when 8-12 years old. These pineapples are steamed, releasing fermentable sugars. The resulting mildly alcoholic agave wine gets distilled twice, removing impurities and bringing the ABV up to 55-75%. By law, tequila must be at least 35% ABV when bottled. Double distillation makes tequila smoother than other spirits. Three main types exist: unaged blanco with bold agave flavour; reposado aged 2-12 months with mellow vanilla notes; and añejo aged 1-3 years with rich caramel and oak. Production regulations ensure tequila's regional uniqueness. Though made in just certain areas of Mexico, primarily around Tequila city in Jalisco state, this distilled blue agave spirit has a distinctive flavour profile unlike any other. 

What Makes Still Strength Tequila Unique? 

Still strength tequila stands apart from the crowd with its uniquely pure and flavourful profile. Unlike most tequilas, it uses agave with higher sugar content - the pineapple is left to fully ripen, developing those natural sugars that add depth and complexity. In addition, while most tequilas go through a second distillation that strips out nuance, still strength tequila is distilled only once. This single distillation preserves the essence of the agave, allowing its rich flavours to shine through. With each smooth, warm sip, you can taste the terroir - the very soul of the land. There are no shortcuts to a tequila this authentic; it is crafted carefully to showcase the agave's character from field to bottle. This commitment to preserving the plant's essence is what makes still strength tequila so special.  

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The Agave Plant 

The heart of tequila lies in the agave, a succulent native to Mexico's arid climate and nutrient-rich volcanic soil. For 7-10 years the agave matures, storing sugar in its piña, the pineapple-shaped core revealed when jimadores expertly trim away the plant's spiky leaves. Weighing up to 90kg, the piña contains the nectar needed for fermentation. Not all agaves are equal, however. Blue agave, larger and sweeter, produces smoother, fruitier tequilas, while the herbaceous espadín agave lends earthier flavours. The timing of the harvest also matters, as sugars convert to complex starches over time. Master distillers' hand-select agaves at their peak sweetness, balancing the flavours for a nuanced spirit. At the heart of tequila lies the agave, nurtured by volcanic soil and arid sun for a decade before surrendering its nectar to jimadores’ machetes and distillers’ artistry. 

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The fermentation process is integral to tequila's depth of flavour. After the roasted agave hearts emerge from the ovens, they get shredded and combined with yeast in large tanks. This starts a magical alchemical process. Over the next 7 to 30 days, the agave's natural sugars get consumed by the hungry yeast, transforming into alcohol. The duration of this slow ferment shapes the spirit's final profile. A shorter ferment of just 7 to 12 days retains vibrant green, vegetal notes with bold agave character. But let it linger the full 30 days and more nuanced fruity and floral aromas come forward as the agave fades into the background. Many well-crafted tequilas opt for that extended ferment, allowing time to smooth the edges and round out any harsh bitter notes. Finding that perfect balance point is an art form - one that traditional distillers hone over years of practice. While modern methods exist to accelerate the process, the classic way relies on simply letting nature run its course. Given time, the flavours develop fully into a symphony of agave's essence. With fermentation, patience breeds a bold spirit. 


Tequila emerges from the mighty agave, its sweet nectar transformed through the ancient alchemy of distillation. Skilled hands guide the virgin agave juice into traditional copper pot stills, gently heating it until the pure spirit trickles out. For most tequilas, the distillers perform their art twice, refining the flavours yet further. But for still strength tequila, once is enough. This singular distillation preserves the unfiltered essence of the agave - a pure, authentic expression with all its native flavours and complexity intact. At 100 proofs, the still strength captures more of the agave's organic compounds, providing a depth and richness unattainable by a second pass through the still. With still strength tequila, you taste the true soul of the agave. 

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The oak barrels used to age tequila impart a fascinating transformation. For months or years, the distilled blue agave juice rests patiently, soaking up flavours from the wood like vanilla and caramel, while oxidation works its magic, smoothing and mellowing the liquor's bite. Each extra añejo year layers the agave with more oak and spice. But some prefer unaged blanco's bright, vegetal snap. Distillers must expertly monitor this alchemical process, bottling their tequila at the precise moment the flavours crescendo into a harmonious, complex symphony. 

Flavour Profile 

Still strength tequila is a complex spirit that seduces the senses. Unlike traditional tequilas, it balances the classic agave bite with mellower fruit, floral, and herbal notes. Maturation in oak barrels lends a velvety mouthfeel and hints of vanilla and caramel. Tasters may detect a symphony of citrus, tropical fruit, fresh herbs, and baking spices. Each sip reveals new layers of flavour - earthy yet refined.  

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Cocktail Recipes 

Still strength tequila's complex flavours shine through in classic tequila cocktails. Here are some delicious recipes to try: 

1. Paloma 

Looking to bring out tequila's bright, zesty side? The Paloma cocktail is calling your name. In a tall glass, stir together 60 ml of high-quality tequila, 30 ml of freshly squeezed lime juice, and a splash of grapefruit soda over ice. Top it off with a little more bubbly grapefruit soda and garnish with a lime wedge for a pop of colour.  

2. Margarita 

When the sun is high and the day demands refreshment, nothing satisfies quite like a margarita. This iconic cocktail sings of sunny skies and warm breezes. One sip transports you to a beachside cantina, another to a lively fiesta. The margarita's symphony of flavours excites the taste buds and lifts the spirit. With each refreshing sip, feel the stress of the day slip happily away. 

3. Tequila Sunrise 

Watch the sunrise in your glass with this gorgeous cocktail. Mix 45 ml tequila, about 120 ml orange juice, and 15 ml grenadine in a tall glass filled with ice. The grenadine will sink and create a sunrise effect. Top with a cherry. The sweet orange juice allows the tequila's subtle notes to shine.