Start Your Day With A Warm Breakfast

Do you prefer to top your cereal with lukewarm milk or yoghurt, or do you prefer sliced fruits to give you a much-needed boost in the mornings? Ayurveda advises eating warm food as the first meal of the day to stimulate the digestive system, despite the fact that many individuals prefer cold breakfast options to heated ones. A warm breakfast is recommended in the morning by Ayurveda in order to set the body for processing lunch, the largest meal of the day. The sun is regarded by traditional medicine as the source of our metabolism, and because it shines strongest between noon and two in the afternoon, this is considered the best time to have lunch. 

Warm breakfasts aid in better digestion and set your stomach up for the day ahead because metabolism requires a modest jumpstart in the morning. Our agni (digestive fire/appetite) awakens with the sun in the morning. It is not operating to its full potential. So, having a light and warming breakfast is excellent because it's easy to digest and primes your gut for optimal digestion. This way, we can prepare our gut to be able to digest the meals throughout the day. A hot breakfast is more like a warm-up workout for the digestive system that we perform to get our bodies ready for the major workout, which is digesting a meal that requires more energy. 

Ayurveda recommends eating a substantial meal between 12 and 2 pm because that is when the sun is at its highest point in the sky and our digestive capacities are at their best. 

Certain compounds are difficult for the human body to digest. This includes things like dietary fibre, which essentially don't alter the body's structure. Therefore, you shouldn't skip simmering or even just quick cooking, especially with plant-based dishes! This is due to the fact that people are unable to break down the cellulose found in plant cell walls. However, heating causes the cell walls to collapse, allowing the numerous carbohydrates and vitamins they contain to be more effectively absorbed. 

What does a cold breakfast do to your body? 

A cold meal is more similar to sprinkling water on a blazing fire, which will blow it out rather than assisting in its burning. As a result, Ayurveda advises eating a warm and light breakfast consisting of freshly made porridge, stewed fruits (apples/pears), various chillas (pancakes), and boiled legumes (moong, chickpeas for those who exercise), or merely boiled vegetable soup.