Gluten-free Indian Breakfast For A Healthy Morning
Image Credit: India has a lot of gluten-free breakfast options | Unsplash

It is important to start your day on a healthy note with a sumptuous breakfast option. Indian food is such that you get a variety of things to eat no matter what kind of diet you follow. Today, we will talk about some of the breakfast options that you have if you are following a gluten free diet. Before doing that let us look at what gluten free diet actually is.

A gluten free diet does not include any form of protein gluten. It is recommended for people who are gluten sensitive or have a disease called the celiac disease. In case you have to be on gluten free diet for health reasons the foods that you have to avoid are wheat, barley, semolina, rye, malt. So, let us look at some amazing Indian breakfast options which are gluten free and great for your health as well.

Paneer stuffed cheela 

Stuffed cheela - Instagram - @homechef_renu

This protein rich filling breakfast option is not only and delicious but also the perfect start to your day. Made with chickpea flour and grated paneer, this cheela not only keeps you full but fulfills your protein requirement early in the morning. You can also add a filling of your choice like sprouts or soybeans inside of the cheela, but paneer gives it a very different taste and texture that most people enjoy.

Moong dal dosa 

Dosas are one of the most popular breakfast meals in India. When you make it with moong dal soaked overnight, then it not only becomes gluten free but the texture of the dosa changes and it becomes crispier and tastier. Serve these dosas with your regular sambar and chutney and enjoy a great meal early in the morning.

Boiled potato salad

If you feel like you do not want to start your day with something as bland and light as salad, you have not yet tried the healthy boiled potato salad which will change your entire perspective about salads. All you need to do is boil your potatoes, cut them into tiny slices, add your favorite spices like red chilli powder, chaat masala or pepper and squeeze lemon on it. Then you can top it with boiled corn, sliced tomatoes and chopped onions. Garnish the salad with coriander leaves and you have one of the healthiest and tastiest salads that you've ever tried.

Dahi sandwich 

Like we have mentioned, Indian food has a lot of varieties so you can actually have a sandwich which has a completely desi filling. You can make this Thai sandwich with multigrain bread, hung curd, shredded carrot, capsicum and spices of your own choice. This dahi sandwich will keep you full for a really long time and is one of the most delicious gluten free breakfast options that you can have.

So, we have seen multiple amazing gluten free Indian breakfast options that you can try out. Being gluten free does not and should not restrict your choices and force you to eat food that you do not enjoy. With the above options, you can eat your hearts content without any diet coming in your way.