St. Patrick’s Day 2022: Celebrate With These 4 Traditional Irish Recipes
Image Credit: Pixabay, The Irish celebrate with coddle, soda bread, puddings and more on St. Patrick's Day!

You’ll find people covered in green coats, tapping their foots to some Irish music and parading on the streets of Ireland today. And well, you shouldn’t be surprised because it is Saint Patrick’s Day. Did you know that Saint Patrick’s Day holds a very special place in the heart of the Irish people? It is the death day of their patron saint called Saint Patrick. While a death anniversary may call for mourning, the Irish celebrate the day with food, music and fun. 

Legend has it that Saint Patrick was enslaved in Ireland when he was brought from his birthplace in Roman Britain. It was upon his return to Ireland after he had fled from the slaves that he promoted Christianity and urged Irish people to believe in the faith. While Saint Patrick’s Day is named after the saint himself, there is another important tradition of this day i.e. wearing green. The colour green is symbolic of the Catholic Christians and is also derived from the fact that Ireland is called the Emerald Isle sometimes. The three stripes of the Irish flag are representative of the unity (white) between Catholics (green) and Protestants (orange). 

It is believed that the leprechauns would pinch you if you don’t wear green on this day and you would find people pinching one another in case they are wearing some other colour. Apart from these interesting rituals, there is a lavish feast and get together which brings together all the people. Here are some traditional Irish recipes that you can make today. 

1.  Dublin Coddle 

This is a colourful and delicious stew that is a classic in Ireland in the month of March. This winter stew is perfect to bid adieu to the season as well as nourish ourselves. Filled with bacon, pork sausages, potatoes and carrots, the loaded stew is usually paired with a soda bread. 

2.  Irish Nachos 

Oh so you thought only tortilla chips could do the nachos? Well, that’s not true. The Irish love for potato has led them to devise these delicious potato nachos. The sliced potatoes are fried and toppled with cheese, salsa, bacon and more. This could be your Saint Patrick’s Day snack. 

3.  Irish Beef And Guinness Pie 

Pie, for the unversed, is a crusty and flaky snack which can be sweet or savoury. This one is the latter as it comes packed with beef steak, onion, garlic and Guinness. The crunchy outer layer is complemented by the meaty filling inside. 

4.  Irish Soda Bread 

Like we mentioned, this bread goes really well with coddle. The bread comes divided into four corners which allow the spirits to be released according to old Irish legends. Made with buttermilk, all-purpose flour and baking soda, the Irish bread is soaked and eaten with cold butter.