8 Non-Vegetarian South Indian Delights That Are A Must-Try

These high-protein delights offer not only a pleasing taste but also a substantial supply of essential nutrients. The expert blending of spices and regional cooking techniques in non-vegetarian South Indian dishes offers locals and visitors alike a flavourful and unforgettable gastronomic experience, in addition to showcasing the region's commitment to culinary perfection.

 Here are some well-known South Indian non-vegetarian delicacies:

1. Chicken 65:

Popular and well-known in South India, Chicken 65 is a non-vegetarian snack that is highly tasty and spicy. This is a Tamil Nadu meal that consists of bite-sized chunks of chicken marinated in a mixture of curry leaves, ginger, garlic, turmeric, and red chilli powder, among other aromatic spices.

After being perfectly deep-fried, the marinated chicken becomes crispy and tender, full of flavorful bits. A mainstay of South Indian cuisine, Chicken 65 is beloved for its fiery flavour and tantalising combination of spices and textures. It is frequently served as an appetiser or snack.

Video Credit: YouTube/ Chef Ranveer Brar

 2. Meat Dry-Fry:

A traditional non-vegetarian snack from South India, meat dry-fry entices palates with its rich flavours and fragrant spices. The meal is usually cooked using tender chunks of meat, like mutton or chicken, which are marinated in a mixture of South Indian spices and allowed to absorb the flavours.

After that, the meat is slow-cooked to a perfect texture and tenderness, with just the right amount of spice. South Indian meat dry fries, which are served as a snack or appetiser, highlight the culinary prowess of the area by providing a flavorful blend of strong spices and the healthful goodness of well-cooked meat.

 3. Egg Cutlet:

A delicious non-vegetarian delicacy from South India, egg cutlets combine the richness of eggs with a mix of spices. Mashed potatoes, finely chopped onions, green chilies, and flavorful spices are mixed with boiled eggs. Shaped into cutlets, the mixture is deep-fried or shallow-fried until golden brown after being covered in breadcrumbs.

This snack has a crispy exterior and a soft, delicious interior, creating a great tactile contrast. Egg cutlets, which showcase the varied and savoury taste of South Indian culinary traditions, are a favourite at home and are often served with tomato ketchup or mint chutney.

 4. Naadan Crab Masala:

A delicious non-vegetarian delicacy from South India that showcases the region's coastal culinary prowess is Naadan Crab Masala. A rich and savoury dish is made by marinating succulent crab chunks in a mixture of traditional masalas, coconut, and aromatic spices.

After that, the crab is cooked to perfection, which allows the spices to seep into the soft meat and create a deliciously spicy feast. Seafood lovers love Naadan Crab Masala because it's a popular snack or appetiser that captures the spirit of South Indian coastal cuisine. Each mouthful delivers a burst of flavours from the coast and culinary skill.

 5. Chicken Salana:

A delicious non-vegetarian dish from South India, chicken salad is renowned for its savoury and rich preparation. To provide a balanced flavour profile, this recipe usually calls for marinating chicken pieces in a mixture of yoghurt, spices, and occasionally coconut milk.

After that, the marinated chicken is cooked to absolute perfection, giving it a soft and sensitive texture. For those who prefer the strong flavours and spices typical of the region's cuisine, chicken salana, which is frequently eaten as a side dish or appetiser, is a delightful experience that epitomises the diverse and aromatic culinary traditions of South India.

 6. Squid Fry:

A delicious non-vegetarian delicacy from South India, squid fried is prized for its soft and sensitive texture. Red chilli powder, cumin, and coriander are among the aromatic spices that are marinated with fresh squid rings. This crispy and savoury meal is made by shallow-frying the marinated squid until it turns golden brown.

Squid fry is a great example of the culinary artistry of South Indian cuisine. It is typically served with a squeeze of lime or with a tart dipping sauce. This seafood treat showcases the region's appreciation of aromatic spices and varied culinary traditions, in addition to pleasing the palate with its rich flavour.

 7. Kori Gassi:

A delicious non-vegetarian meal from South India, notably from the Mangalorean cuisine, is called kori gassi. This savoury and fragrant chicken curry is well-known for its thick, spice-infused gravy made from coconut. Typically, the dish consists of tender chicken chunks cooked in a rich coconut and tamarind sauce, resulting in a well-balanced taste of spice and tang.

Kori Gassi, which is typically eaten with rice or local breads like Neer Dosa, is a superb example of South India's culinary diversity. Its powerful and savoury taste perfectly combines spices from the inland with ingredients from the coast to please the tongue.

 8. Fish Molee:

Fish molee is a delicious main-course meal from South India, not just a snack. Originating in Kerala's coastal regions, this curry consists of fish, usually kingfish, simmered in coconut milk broth. The curry gets its rich and savoury profile from the infusion of fragrant spices, curry leaves, and occasionally green chilies.

The delectable and classic meal, Fish Molee, is made with a sumptuous gravy created by the perfect balance of spices and coconut milk. It is frequently served with crusty bread, rice, or appam, showcasing the variety and skill of South Indian coastal cooking.