Power Of Squalene: How It Boosts Energy Levels And Enhances Skin Health?
Image Credit: Power Of Squalene

Olive squalane benefits for skin: When becoming healthy has turned out to be an essential factor in people’s lives, Squalene will be your one-stop solution for a healthy body and that also in a natural way. Squalene is a molecule occurring in the human body that boosts immunity, energy and improves skin quality. But, unfortunately, the level of squalene in the body decreases as we age. As a result, it can further lead to a fall in oxygen levels, leading to symptoms like sleep disorders, lifestyle diseases, and early ageing. 

Squalene for overall health

Squalene promises to provide a healthy body. It slows down the ageing process and enables building up the immune system and recovering the lost health by boosting cellular metabolism with the power of oxygen. It supplements the human body with several health-benefiting properties such as anti-oxidation and prevents heart diseases. "Besides giving proper nutrients to the body from the inside, involving squalene in our diet plans aims at helping the skin by bringing the skin layers balance, increasing skin’s metabolism and maintaining the moisture balance of the skin. It is one of the answers for issues like cholesterol variance, oxidative stress, compromised immunity status, tumours and free radicals leading to CVD/ Cancer," states George P Joby, Director, TheLifekart.in

How is squalene different from Vitamin E? 

People in India are not widely exposed to the offering of squalene. Generally, they consume Vitamin E capsules to meet a wide range of health conditions, from cancer to premature ageing. According to George P Joby, however, daily consumption of squalene has potential benefits over vitamin E capsules because it is available as endogenous and exogenous in the human body. As squalene enters the body, it starts separating hydrogen from water in the cells and helps the cells release oxygen. This is how it strengthens the immunity and makes the body strong enough to fight any infection. 

Consumption of squalene

It is advisable to consume squalene-based supplements daily as it helps counter the viruses, pathogens in our body daily. As a result, the necessary supply of oxygen, which is used, gets interrupted in reaching the cells due to reduced free radicals. We have many squalene-based health supplements in the market; they will reward you with tremendous health benefits if consumed daily.