Sprouts, Soups And Snacks: Know Their Importance In A Healthy Diet
Image Credit: Sprouts, Soups And Snacks For A Healthy Diet

Monsoon is arriving, bringing along a soothing relief from the unbearable summer heat. However, monsoon also invites a lot of health issues. The onset of the rainy season affects our immune system, making it very important to be more careful about all that we eat and drink at this time of the year. A lower immune system becomes the reason for common monsoon ailments such as cough and cold. Here are some smart tips for healthy eating in the monsoon. 

Healthy Diet Tips for Rainy Season by Nutritionist Aman Puri (Founder, Steadfast Nutrition) 

With the onset of the rainy season, focus on this combination of Triple S, i.e. sprouts, soups and snacks, making it an essential part of your life. 


Sprouts are a fantastic food known for their excellent nutritional value. This superfood is achieved by germinating seeds of legumes or grains. It comprises protein, calcium, fibre, vitamin, mineral, and enzymes. Known for promoting health as a vital component for complete development, sprouts are excellent as it increases the vitamins and mineral content. It also doubles the vitamin A range and increases vitamin B complex 5-10 times than the original content. 

Benefits of Eating Sprouts

  1. Low in calorie
  2. Loaded with fibre 
  3. Reduces cholesterol 
  4. Power-packed with protein 
  5. Cleanses body 

Commonly Used Sprouts

  1. Green gram sprouts 
  2. Chickpea sprouts 
  3. Rajma sprouts 
  4. White bean sprouts 
  5. Black chana sprouts


It is time to sip on some soup for that cosy feeling, while the steaming hot soups and stews help keep us warm in this rainy season. Also, soups are a good hydration option as it boosts the liquid intake throughout the day. It provides satiety due to the fibres from vegetables, lentils, pulses, etc. It is a healthier option that includes all the essential components like protein, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. 

Benefits of Consuming Soups

  1. Low in calorie
  2. Rich in Antioxidants 
  3. Filled with fibre 
  4. Improves hydration 

Commonly Consumed Healthy Soups

  1. Tomato soup 
  2. Mixed vegetable soup 
  3. Mushroom soup 
  4. Pumpkin soup 
  5. Broccoli soup 
  6. Chicken soup 


Healthy snacks are a great addition to a healthier lifestyle to help optimise nutrition and provide satisfaction between meals. Snacks are not always supposed to be unhealthy as the concept of healthy snacking can be opted to live guilt-free. In addition, smart snacking regularly can help in maintaining blood sugar levels. Snacks are an essential part of our diet as it helps us sail through the day with providing energy in the middle of the day or while exercising. Healthy snacks in-between meals can also decrease hunger and keep us away from overeating at mealtime. 

Health Benefits of Snacking

  1. Helps boost metabolism
  2. Helps banish cravings 
  3. Fuel for the body 

Healthy Snacking Options 

  1. Low-fat yoghurt
  2. Salad 
  3. Mixed seeds 
  4. Nuts 
  5. Fruit 
  6. Buttermilk 
  7. Dark chocolate 
  8. Fox nuts 


To sum up, eat light and healthy snacks to satisfy taste buds during monsoon. Fried food makes the body more susceptible to infections in the rainy season, leading to obesity and a weak immune system. Therefore, many healthy and tasty snacks can be included in this monsoon season to make your immune system stronger.