Spirit-Cookie Infusions And Their Magic On Cocktails
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Spirit infusions are a popular technique in the world of mixology. Bartenders and mixologists tend to employ this method to give cocktails and alcoholic drinks added bursts of flavour and texture. The most commonly performed spirit infusions are usually done with herbs and fruits; this is because these are tried-and-tested ingredients known to imbue drinks with delicious taste profiles and visually popping and inviting appearances.

However, spirit infusions aren’t just limited to fruits and herbs; they can be done with a myriad of ingredients, ranging from sweet to sour to spicy; the possibilities are endless. An eclectic type of infusion recently gaining momentum in mixology circles centres on sugar cookies. Bartenders introduce the flavours of different cookies into spirits to craft pleasantly sweet-tasting drinks that are tinged with the charm and aroma of the appetising baked treats.

Before exploring the arena of spirit-cookie infusions, let’s learn a bit more about spirit infusions in general.

What Is Spirit Infusion?

Basically, infusion is a process whereby one adds an ingredient with the requisite flavour, such as cookies, fruit, spices, or herbs, into a liquid, usually spirits or liqueurs, with the goal of stamping it with that particular taste. Once the infused concoction has rested for a significant period of time and all the flavours have melded properly, the flavouring ingredient is taken out, resulting in a specialty that can be seamlessly combined with cocktails. This specialty is typically a syrup or a spirit that has been underscored by the added flavour.

How Can One Infuse Spirits With Cookies?

The technique of infusing spirits with cookies is quite akin to how it’s typically done with any other ingredient; however, there are a few notable distinctions. As cookies have a high fat content, it’s vital to vigorously strain and filter the final concoction for optimum clarity. Unlike usual infusions, cookies and food require a briefer infusion time, ranging from 1–3 days. It’s recommended to taste the mixture regularly after the first day, every 8–12 hours, until a satisfactory infusion profile has been created.

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During the straining process, it’s important to stay calm and patient. To start off, it’s advisable to filter the concoction using a fine metal sieve, but expect to discover some residual matter in the alcohol. When dealing with something like this, line the sieve with a coffee filter and hold it over a big mixing cup or bowl. Transfer the infusion and let it strain through the night. Close the top of the container to reduce alcohol evaporation during this stage.

Now, let’s examine some unique spirit-cookie infusions.

Sugar Cookie-Infused Vodka

This intricately prepared infusion blends the refinement of vodka with the feel-good essence of sugar cookies. Ensure to use a premium-quality neutral vodka that’s rich in invigorating citrus notes with a hint of honey. This combination will spark the creation of a multilayered beverage that is sure to reflect the dulcet, buttery undertones of newly baked cookies. The vodka experiences a rigorous infusion process with sugar cookies, enabling the flavours to combine flawlessly. 

Ginger Cookie Infused Tequila

Infused with the rustic and flavour-packed tones of ginger cookies, this tequila makes for a striking and appetising experience. The most suitable tequila for this cookie infusion is a type of silver tequila that pairs well with the spiced gingery taste profile of the cookies, crafting a syrup that is both fiery and soulful simultaneously.

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Oatmeal Cookie-Infused Blended Scotch

Oatmeal cookies may not be everyone’s cup of tea but they can perform miracles when infused into a premium-quality blended scotch. The sugary vanilla tones and the punchy notes of the whiskey accentuate the wholesome fervour of oatmeal cookies effortlessly. The blended scotch dissolves the nuttiness and mild sweetness of the oatmeal cookies, leading to the formation of a proportionate and harmonious spirit. 

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Lemon Cookie-Infused Gin

Infused with the zesty, luminous quality of lemon cookies, this gin provides a revitalising spin on the timeless botanical liquid. Go for a juniper-forward gin with an easy-going botanical profile; a type of dry gin will be preferable. This combination will ensure that the citrusy undertones of the lemon cookie form an ideal accompaniment to the gin’s juniper foundation, ensuring that the resulting infusion is flavourful enough to consume neat or mix with your favourite cocktail.