Spider To Silkworm: 5 Countries With Weird Snack Combos
Image Credit: Weird Snack Combos

Unusual snack combinations around the world: Do you know that some people enjoy cockroaches as appetizers? Of course, most of us here do not consume insects, but we can indeed acknowledge that several distinct cultures include bugs in their cuisine. So let's tour the globe and probe into all the weird snack combos that one would like to eat up.


Do you know about this massive market for spiders in Cambodia? Spider snacks are fondly consumed with tea, and people spend hours daily in the dense forests looking for tarantula spiders and then selling them in restaurants and markets. Here the cost of a poisonous spider is Rs 8 per piece. In Cambodia, the tradition of eating tarantula spiders has been going on for centuries.


China is an all-rounder in their choices. From goat, rooster, cow, buffalo, sheep to pig and donkey, everything is eaten in China. Even snakes and scorpion snacks are consumed in various areas with tea. We understand that it may sound unbelievable, but in ancient China, the rulers made a particular pickle of bear's paw.

South Korea

Even though clothes are made from silkworms in India, in South Korea, silkworms are used for snacks and are considered one of the favourite dishes. Beondegi made with silkworm pupae is a portion of Korean street food. The steamed or boiled food is served with toothpick skewers in paper mugs.


In the Netherlands, mealworm is a favourite dish that is also cultivated here to feed humans. Mealworms are served in burgers, chow mein and as an addition to snacks here. They contain elements like copper, sodium, potassium, iron, zinc etc.


Pastries are eaten with coffee; similarly, the chocolate scorpion is consumed with tea in Thailand. Here, the scorpion is first dipped in chocolate, kept cooled, and then fried.