Spice Lab In Tokyo Is Making The City Love Indian Cuisine! Here's How

In Tokyo, an Indian restaurant owned by Priya and Sunandan Kapur, ‘Spice Lab’ has introduced an exceptional menu. Bringing a unique approach to Indian cuisine, Spice Lab Tokyo elevates Indian cuisine by taking cues from the movement around sustainability in Japan to create something new and different. While Tokyo has many places which focus on Indian food, yet some parts of the city rarely do it right. This is where Spice Lab comes into the picture. Perhaps this is why it is called 'lab' 

At Spice Lab, the menu is curated by Chef Tejas Sovani and consultant Ravitej Nath who spent a lot of time travelling through Japan to understand how food reaches from farm to plate. They were able to thoughtfully design a menu that puts Indian food in the spotlight and fuses that with sustainability. In Japan, people love seasonal produce for its explosion of flavours. This gives the menu a magnificent angle. Some of the dishes include street food like Golgappa flavoured with Umeboshi, fusions like Butter Chicken Samosa, Prawn and Wasabi Dhokla, and Rose and Cauliflower Tofu.  

Nonetheless, Spice Lab Tokyo puts emphasis on the amazing Indian cooking done according to customs, traditions, and geographical location. To get a taste of how Indian cooking touches different senses, customers choose eight-course meals. The goal is to eat everything according to a set pattern. Each of the eight dishes is inspired by the roles that Indian food has played in different categories. As, Prasad is one category that means a holy offering to Indian gods, Season is another category focusing on food that is consumed during the hot days. The other six courses also try to meaningfully share culinary stories. The categories include street, coastline, contemporary cuisine, preservation, Awadh, Ayurveda, home, royal, village, and festival. For the refined Japanese plate, this is surely a new way of exploring modern Indian cuisine.  

What we call progressive or modern Indian cuisine is much more refined because it makes use of fresh produce sourced through sustainable practices. Extensive knowledge is required to plan a menu that showcases such vast and interesting elements of local culinary delights in India. These elements go from depth of flavour, variations of texture to execution of age-old techniques intermingled with the concept of farm to table. Thus, this is one interesting place that people should make time to experience and we hope you get to Spice Lab Tokyo soon to enjoy the gastronomic experience!