Spanish Startup Tests 3D Printed Steaks To Mimic Real Meat for A Plant-Based Diet
Image Credit: Representative image of artificial steak.

From artificial eggs to chicken and vegetables, there is nothing left untouched by the tech geeks. And soon you might order 3D printed steaks at restaurants too.  

Novameat, a Spanish-based startup firm has been experimenting in this area. Their recent project was to create steaks using 3D technology that are actually meatless. Using capsules of the ingredients like peas, seaweed and beetroot juice, this new-age steak is going to be a revolutionary concept in this regard.  

What is the process of creating these 3D printed steaks?  

The idea is to cater to the needs of vegetarians so that they can enjoy plant-meat steaks and be sustainable for the environment too. The fine fibres are cut from the substitute in order to replicate muscle fiber. These steaks have been successful in mimicking the texture of real meat steaks, all thanks to the high-tech micro-extrusion technology being used by the firm.  

Does it taste well?  

According to The Guardian, Novameat has been able to replicate the look of a steak but the taste is something that they are working on. The realistic appearance would leave you believing that it’s actually a meat steak, prepared by hands without any intrusion of technology.  

With global food chains like Burger King and Subway expressing interest in including plant-based options on their menu, these printed foods have a long way to go. Currently, this steak costs $1.50, not very different from the regular one.   

It won’t be long before 3D printed vegetables become a common sight.