Soyabean Upma To Chilla: 10 Breakfast Dishes That Are Vegan Too

As more and more people discover the health advantages and delectable flavour of soybean, it has made its way into traditional Indian morning dishes. Soybean gives a new spin to both classic and contemporary takes on the morning meal. These dishes, whether they use soybeans in the form of parathas, dosas, upma, or poha, make for a nutritious and hearty morning meal. Vegetarians and vegans can benefit greatly from the amino acids, fibre, and plant-based protein found in soybeans. Soybean is a great protein source and filling breakfast food because of its mild flavour and ability to absorb spices and flavours. 

Soybean Paratha 

You may make a paratha that is rich in protein and satisfying by blending soya bean nuggets into a powder and combining with whole wheat flour, spices, and herbs. The resulting dish is called a soybean paratha. Pair it with yoghurt (if not vegan) or pickle. 

Soybean Upma 

Prepare an upma in the traditional style by combining roasted soy granules, semolina, and chopped veggies. For a new dimension of flavour, try including some Indian spices like mustard seeds, curry leaves, and green chilies. 

Soybean Chilla 

Make a delicious savoury pancake using a batter consisting of ground soybeans, gram flour and your favourite spices. It should be cooked on a griddle with a bit of oil until it is brown and crisp. 

Soybean Idli/Dosa 

Idli and dosa batter can be made by combining soaking soybeans, rice, and urad dal in a blender. Ferment it for a full day, then steam or cook it to make idlis or dosas, whatever you choose. 

Soybean Smoothie 

Smoothie made from cooked soybeans can be blended with fruits such as banana, mango, or berries to make a breakfast beverage that is both creamy and nutrient-dense. 

Soybean Poha 

If you want to prepare a poha dish that's higher in protein content, try using soybean flakes, soybean soaked and roughly chopped, instead of standard flattened rice. Prepare it by cooking it with vegetables, peanuts, and various seasonings. 

Soybean Sattu Drink 

A drink that is both reviving and energising can be made by combining roasted soybean flour, sattu, water, lemon juice, and a little bit of salt in equal parts. 

Soybean Sprouts Salad 

To create a nutritious and satisfying salad, add soybeans and combine them with a variety of freshly chopped vegetables. Enhance the flavours by adding a splash of refreshing lemon juice and a sprinkle of chaat masala. This delightful combination will provide you with a healthy and crunchy salad option. 

Soybean Paneer Bhurji 

For a nutritious twist on the classic bhurji, consider swapping out regular paneer with crumbled tofu. This substitution will not only provide a protein-packed alternative but also cater to a vegan diet.