Some Khashawadi Roll and Dahi Ke Roti Kebabs By Chef Satvir Singh For Dinner
Image Credit: Kashawadi Roll/ Pic- Anuraga Palace

It’s great to treat yourself to some local delights at time for dinner. Be it the Gujrati Khashawadi Roll which is loaded with the goodness of dry fruits or the all time favourite Dahi Ke Roti Kebabs they are great for dinner options. Dahi ke roti kebabs made with yougurt that has been mildly spiced and also sees some gram flour, onions, ginger, chilies, coriander leaves and seasonings is absolutely flavourful and addictive at the same time.

Chef Satvir Singh, Executive Chef, Anuraga Palace has shared recipes of special regional delicacies. Anurag Place happens to be reimagination of the palatial luxury of the golden era. Located in the recesses of the quaint city of Ranthambore, it is a lavish experience for all those seeking an opportunity to escape the bustle of the city life and take a breath of fresh air and immerse themselves amidst nature and wildlife. It is a perfect amalgamation of wilderness and luxury along with a touch of history, culture and tradition at Ranthambore

Khashawadi Roll

Anuraga Palace



    Hung yoghurt- 200 grams

    Paneer-50 grams

    Small onion- 1 pc

    Small capsicum- 1 pc

    Small carrot- 1 pc

    Coriander 2 tbsp

    Salt to taste

    Black pepper powder- 1 tsp

    Chopped green chili- 2

    Bread slices- 6 to 7

    Corn flour- 2 tsp

    Water 4 tsp

    Cooking oil


    Take a thick and creamy curd (hung curd) and add 1 cup crumbled paneer.

    Then, add onion, ginger, chili and coriander powder. Also, add salt and crushed pepper.

    The, add breadcrumbs to remove excess moisture.

    Mix it well making sure the paneer and hung curd are combined well. Do not over knead as the curd will start to release moisture.

    Prepare small size kebab and coat them with corn flour to remove excess moisture

    Then, deep fry the patties in oil on medium flame while stirring occasionally till they turn golden brown.

    Serve dahi ke kabab with pudina chutney or sauce.