Some Innovative Baking Trends to Expect in 2023
Image Credit: Unsplash

One of the major issues the baking industry will face in 2022 is the price and supply of particular components, including vegetable and sunflower oil, among many others. Many industries are concerned about rising costs and how they affect various business sectors. According to one of the most recent consumer surveys, rising food prices are among consumers' top three worries right now. Saving money is causing people to change their purchasing habits, which undoubtedly affects everyone involved in the bread industry, from small-scale bakers to large-scale food manufacturers. Baking is one of the most beloved aspects of cooking, and the dishes created from it are cherished all over the world. Here are some baking trends that will be massive in 2023.

 Due to a huge 1.4 billion views on TikTok and a 49% rise in searches, cinnamon rolls have been named the bake of the year for 2023. Cinnamon rolls have gained a lot of popularity lately due to the presence of social media, and they plan to keep adding to their fan base.

 However, we anticipate that in 2023, conventional baked goods like carrot cake and Victoria's sponge will continue to be popular alongside these experimental baked goods as British people turn to their childhood favourites for solace. During the energy crisis, searches for no-bake cheesecake increased by 49%. Keep an eye out for creative no-bake bakes in the future.

 As with the last craze, sourdough achieves the perfect harmony between cutting-edge innovation and time-honoured craftsmanship. The future of sourdough is expected to continue to improve in 2023 as it transitions from a cult favourite to a sophisticated and established craft. People are still exploring alternatives to sourdough bread, including sourdough croissants, brioches, muffins, bagels, panettone, cruffins, and other hybrids. Sourdough is now being used by mainstream enterprises in their products. What significant factor is behind this pattern? There is no denying that the flavour is sourdough-like.

 Traditional baking techniques are regaining popularity as well, because of the resurgence of flavours like cardamom, lavender, and Earl Grey tea. There has also been a move away from consuming refined sugar in favour of natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup as diabetes rates continue to grow globally. In addition to providing nostalgic satisfaction, these traditional flavours and ingredients provide healthier alternatives to conventional recipes.

 Is it a coincidence that the number of "no bake cheesecake" searches on Google rose by 49% in the past year? We predict that the current energy crisis will lead many bakers to search for no-oven or no-bake choices that will conserve valuable energy in the upcoming year.