Snowball: A Dazzling Cocktail You Would Love To Slurp During Winters

You can’t turn down a cocktail, especially when it’s time to relish one towards the end of the holiday season. This year’s about to end, and it looks like we might have to welcome the New Year by partying at our homes. Drinks are something you need at every party, whether a cocktail or mocktail. Snowball is a divine concoction of advocaat and carbonated lemonade blended in approximately two parts. The ingredients used may vary and depend entirely on taste and desire. However, the original snowball is typically made with a generous squeeze of fresh lime juice, shaken with advocaat before pouring into a glass and ultimately topping up with lemonade. Advocaat is a traditional Dutch alcoholic beverage made from egg, sugar, and brandy for the unversed. Does this drink remind you a little of eggnog too? Guess what? Most people like to believe that snowball is nothing but Dutch eggnog.  In the United States, this cocktail is famous during Christmas and New Year’s, where it can be seen at pubs and supermarkets. The drink has a remarkable ability to keep one warm and cosy on chilly days. Snowballs are usually drunk as a 'winter warmer' throughout the world. So keep your guests hooked, entertained and pleased with a glass of snowball. Here are some of the steps of making this fantastic cocktail at home.


  1. 2 eggs
  2. 30ml brandy
  3. 30ml lime juice
  4. Sugar as per taste

Steps in the making-

  1. The first step is to beat eggs in a bowl and then add it to a glas
  2. Now take the same glass and fill it with equal parts of brandy and lime juice.
  3. Mix and stir well.
  4. There you go. Your drink is ready to serve and relish.

As you know, sharing is caring, so don’t forget to enjoy drinking it with your friends and family.