Aloo Masala: Try These Snacks With Leftover Samosa Filling
Image Credit: Snacks With Leftover Samosa Filling

Samosa is India's most commonly eaten snack, but several people consume it without filling, i.e. without potatoes. However, the filling of samosa, aka masala aloo, is delicious. It is seen that some people eat 3-4 samosas at a time because of their spicy taste. But on the other hand, some eat samosa papdi or samosa chaat but without filling. So if the samosas are consumed, and the filling is left, do not throw it because you can make various savoury dishes with the leftover masala.

Potato Curry And Aloo Parantha

  • Aloo paratha is everyone's favourite Sunday breakfast, but have you ever made paratha from samosa's leftover filling? If not, then try it once. You can also make potato curry from the remaining filling. You have to replace boiled potatoes with the masala aloo and keep the rest of the spices. 
  • P.S. While preparing the tempering, make sure that salt is a little less (because the aloo/filling already includes sodium).

Aloo Sandwich/Bonda

Some people are allergic to spicy foods, and hence they avoid the filling of samosa. But if you make aloo bonda or sandwich with this leftover filling, it'll be less spicy and taste yum with khatti-meethi chutney. Aloo bonda is cooked by rolling aloo masala in gram flour, while it is even easier to make a sandwich with samosa aloo masala. Take two slices of bread, fill it with potato masala (leftover filling), and roast it on both sides on a griller or toaster.

Bread Roll And Cutlet

You will find bread rolls in many fancy restaurants. Also, you will discover bread rolls as a weekend breakfast in North-Indian families. But have you ever made bread rolls from the leftover filling of samosas? If not, then try making them once. You can also try to make cutlets out of it; we assure you will love its taste.