Snacks For The Midnight Munchies
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Craving something sweet, savoury or spicy at midnight is something that everybody feels. Midnight cravings are the uncontrollable hunger that develops the longer you stay up past midnight. You're completely ravenous by the time it's 3 or 4 a.m. At that time our taste buds crave something crunchy, munchy, spicy and saviour. It's the time when we feel confused about what to eat or not.

Here are some snacks that you can prepare to fulfil your midnight munchies-

Naacho and onion chaat

If you have a packet of nachos at your home, then this is the snack for you. All you have to do is chop onion and tomatoes, add them to a bowl and squeeze in some lemon syrup. After that, add the nachos to the bowl and mix all the ingredients. For the spices, you may add some salt, pepper, jeera powder and red chilli powder. You may also add some oregano and chilli flakes for an added flavour. This chaat will help you fulfil your midnight munchies as it is spicy, tangy and crunchy.