Snack It Right: 5 Occasions To Get Involved With Ready To Eat Cereals
Image Credit: Snack It Right With Ready To Eat Cereals

Our ever-evolving eating pattern has been witnessing a constant change between the breakfast cereals and snacking segments recently. This lifestyle transformation among people is due to the increase in disposable income followed by our inclination towards westernization. As a result, as per numerous studies, there has been a paradigm shift in consumer behaviour as more people turn to convenient food solutions.

The pandemic, amongst the zillion other things that it has changed in our lives, has also changed the way we eat. What were once simple indulgences are becoming sources of much-needed comfort and security during these uncertain times. While snacking was pretty much a part of our lives in the pre-COVID era, it was mainly between significant meals. But in the new normal while working from home, we have resorted to unique snacking occasions.

Elaborating on the trend, Asheesh Sharma, Vice President – Marketing, Agro Tech Foods Ltd, says, “We have seen a demand for healthy snacking options grow at a steady pace, that is because of the multiple snacking occasions that have emerged amidst the pandemic. To attend to their growing snacking needs, consumers are looking for options that are healthy, tasty and convenient to consume."

Choosing the right food for every occasion is crucial. Here’s a look at the prevailing circumstances that have emerged amidst the pandemic:

1. Never-ending work calls

The sudden change in the working patterns and environment have led to extended working hours that include never-ending zoom calls. Extended working hours in the comfort of home is still not an ideal situation, as we waltz through calls while longing to grab a quick bite. But we can squeeze in just enough time to switch our video off and consumers healthy ready to eat cereal snacks and satiate those hunger pangs.

2. The evergreen breakfast

Breakfast cereals such as cornflakes, wheat flakes, or muesli have been convenient choices for most Indians for quite a while now as many consider them relatively healthier. Moreover, since these are packaged and don't require cooking, they become the perfect fit for one’s morning routine while working from home or even while stepping out for work.

3. In between those lengthy lectures/classes

There’s nothing like a food craving of a student during those lengthy lectures over zoom calls and what other than a stash of nutritious ready to eat cereal, serving as the best solution to munch on and ace your classes like a pro.

4. Much awaited road trips

People longing to take the much-awaited, post-vaccination road trips can not do without enough healthy snacks that would fill you up just right. Such road trips demand you to carry along the hassle-free ready to eat cereals.

5. Late night movie plans

Binge-watching is an endurance sport, and snacking helps a person fuel—and, no doubt that the taste is even better on the couch. Hence, the ready to eat cereals are best suited while enjoying your favourite OTT content.