Slurrp Great Indian Cookout Brings The Best Out Of Home Chefs
Image Credit: Chef Sanjeev Kapoor with the home chefs

Slurrp Great Indian Cookout, powdered by Weikfield and Glen was an event that was met with great enthusiasm and joy by thousands of home chefs from Delhi-NCR. The cookout, which started with online entries and culminated in 23-year-old Muskan Sharma being selected as Delhi’s finest home chef by Padma Shri Sanjeev Kapoor was a journey that was exhilarating for all the participants. From taking part in the cookout to cheering for each other – our home chefs truly had the time of their lives.

The ultimate winner, Muskan says, “I first got selected out of 700 chefs all over India and reached Top 9. After competing with them facing some really difficult challenges, I got into the top 3 and then top 2 as well! There is still more to this story, though. The main hustle was who would be the winner, as Padma Shri awardee Sanjeev Kapoor judged the final round. Nevertheless, I did it. Finally, after so many rounds of competing against experienced people, I was crowned the title of Delhi's best home chef!”

Speaking more about her experience, our young winner says, “I received a cash prize worth ₹50,000, many hampers and felt happily overwhelmed. Another major factor for me was getting my dish tasted by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. With this accomplishment, I have fulfilled a long-held dream and look forward to adding it to my collection. All thanks to Slurrp Community and the lovely team of Slurrp for giving me this amazing platform and opportunity. Hats off to you.”

Simmi Babbar, our 1st runner up also talked about having the time of her life at the 3-day event during HT City Unwind. “I was chosen the first runner up among nine semi-finalists. Winning this contest is the ultimate garnish on my culinary passion and dedication. It’s a lifetime moment to cherish. Meeting legendary chefs in my cooking contest journey was like a master class in itself. It was my first experience cooking live in front of an audience and being judged by great chefs.”, says Simmi who does not forget to add a token of appreciation for the team. “Thanks to Slurrp for giving me this opportunity and boosting confidence in me. The whole event was so well organised. My special gratitude to Slurrp team.”

One of our finalists Swati Khanna had nothing but love for Team Slurrp. “Thank you Slurrp for giving such an amazing platform to present my cooking talent. My own fantastic moment was meeting with renowned chefs of our country. I also managed to take my selfie with the chefs and my friends. I will never forget these moments.” Like many of our home chefs, Swati is a homemaker and loved the event for a very emotional reason. She mentions, “I m a homemaker and this event made me more confident in the field of cooking. Now I'm feeling more confident and more self-dependent, and I feel that I can do something new and something good. I can be an independent woman. Thank you Slurrp for making me feel so special.”

A major part of the event was home chefs cooking, cheering for each other and tasting those dishes. Healthy competition leads to a successful event, and this was mentioned by one of the 9 finalists Honey Agarwal says. She says, “The competitive atmosphere in the food industry has sparked innovations, thanks to the Slurpp app. I was fortunate to participate in the HT Unwind event by Slurpp, where I had to recreate Natraj Dahi Bhalla from Chandni Chowk in my own unique way. Out of over 700 participants from Delhi NCR, my dish was selected. I am grateful to Slurpp app and the moderators, as well as the judges, for choosing me as one of the top 9 finalist in the Great Indian Cookout event.”

Competition is always fun, but what made the event memorable were the many masterclasses by celebrity chefs. Honey talks about meeting her favourite chefs and says, “This event, organized by HT Slurpp gave me the opportunity to meet renowned chefs such as MasterChef Pankaj Bhadouria, Chef Kunal Kapur, Chef Dhurv Oberoi, Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, Chef Nishant Choubey, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Chef Anahita Dhondy, and Chef Saby Ghorai. Attending their masterclasses was inspiring and being featured on Glen's Instagram was a highlight. Additionally, having my dish tasted by Chef Kunal Kapur, where I created a fusion baked samosa with baked and grilled pineapple and a tangy chatpati rajma dip with baked sweet potato veggies, was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. Cooking in front of more than 500 people was exhilarating and fuelled my enthusiasm even more.”

All these home chefs coming together and cooking with and for the best of celebrity chefs from the country was a memorable experience for everybody involved. It was a 3-day celebration of cooking and eating, with a lot of fun and enjoyment along with a neck-to-neck contest. The Great Indian Cookout was indeed a great event with immeasurable success.