Slurrp Exclusive- Winter Favourite Saag Meat by Chef Gurpreet Singh
Image Credit: Saag Meat by Chef Gurpreet Singh

Come winter and the market is flooded with all greens. Be it methi, bathua, palak, sarso there is no dearth of freshness. What comes next is to be creative with them and one such legacy dish is Saag meat. Tracing it’s roots to the Diwans of Multan this erstwhile Punjab delicacy sees a much specific preparation at the ancestral e kitchens of Diwani Manzil, ancestral residence of the Diwans of Multan. Multan and areas close by (Khyber) was developed by the Saraiki, oldest ethnic groups of Pakistan and their food sees a lot of culinary influences from Persia and the Arabs. And hence the use of meat is much prominent also it’s a known fact that Saraiki cooks are famous for using all kinds of produce in their meat dishes, including Sohanjna (moringa). The whole art of using spices that are freshly grounded and also in the form of paste gives the unique identity to the dishes of this region. 

Saag—the leafy edible green ages back even had caught the fancy of Abul Fazl—Akbar’s minister and author of Ain-i-Akbari. He has even described this dish as much pleasant. The combination of palak and mutton in itself is very irresistible and powerhouse of nutrition. With lamb being lamb a good source of protein and animal fat, spinach is known for its high content of vitamins and minerals. The clever and minimal use of spices gives the dish that extra flavour and taste. This dish is a great example of cultural influences across regions, especially that of the Pashtun tribes; and also highlighting the once dominated this Spice Route trading post.

Paired with some piping hot rotis / naans / kulchas this combination is surely a gastronome delight. 

Chef Gurpreet Singh, Corporate Chef, Daryaganj shares the recipe with Slurrp which you can enjoy at home.

Saag Meat

    1kg Mutton curry cut

    250 gm Finely Chopped spinach

    250 gms Finely Chopped Mustard Leaves

    2 tbspn Ginger Garlic paste

    11/2 Tspn Garlic chop

    1/2 Tspn Green Chilli Paste

    1/4rth tsp Garam Masala

    1 Tspn Cumin Powder

    1 pinch Kasturi Methi Powder

    1tbspn Salt

    250gms Desi Ghee

    1/2 tbspn Coriander Powder

    1/2 tbspn Curd

    5 -6 Onion chopped

    100 gm Fresh Tomato Purée

    3 stick Cinnamon

    2 Bay leaf

    4pieces Black Cardamom

    1 Javitri

    3 pieces Green Cardamom


    Add desi ghee in Kadai . Add all whole spices. Add onions and brown the onions on slow fire till golden brown. 

    Now add Ginger Garlic paste. Sauté for 5 mints. Now add meat and cook for 20 minutes. 

    Now add deghi Mirch, Cumin Powder, and Coriander Powder , salt and curd Plain and cook meat for 15 mints. Keep stirring meat. 

    Now add tomato Purée cover gravy on slow fire till meat is cooked. 

    Add water just covering the meat. Give it a stir and cover cook till done 

    In a pan add ghee , garlic chop sauté till golden brown. 

    Add chop mustard leaves n chop spinach and sauté for 10 minutes. 

    Add Garam Masala, add Kasturi Methi, green chilli paste. 

    Add cooked meat to this, cover and let it cook on slow fire for next 10 minutes.

    Keep Stirring in intervals. 

    Garnish with desi ghee tadka of 1 whole red chilly