Slurrp Exclusive- Gosht Halwa Recipe By Osama Jalali

We all have eaten gajar ka , matar ka, sooji ka, ghiya ka , ande ka and many more halwa in our lives but how about trying some Gosht halwa. This dish that finds its root in rich Halwa Rampur in UP is actually a dessert made of meat. Goshta ka Halwa- a rich thick dessert that Is made with thickened milk (don’t mix it with condensed milk) and sugar is almost like an ancient lost and forgotten recipe. In this delectable melt in a mouth sweet dish taste depends on the quality of the pounded tender lamb and how well it has been cooked for hours. Osama says “We recreated this dish with the help of our taste memory and little the literature available in some of the ancient Persian texts”. This sweetmeat - a non veg dessert is surely a heritage delight. 


250 gms mutton mince fine

1500 ml milk

200 gm ghee

5 table spoon green cardamom powder

200 gm khoya

sugar to taste

Saffron water half litre

Almonds and cashew and pistachio


1. In a heavy bottom pan Boil 500 ml of milk with3 tbsp cardamom powder

2. Once it comes to boil add the fine paste of meat and let it boil together. After 15 minutes strain the milk .

3. Blend the minced meat along with 1 cup of milk into a smooth paste.

4. After that fine sieve the mince meat and add back in a heavy bottom pan

5. Heat ghee in a kadai and add the paste of meat with remaining milk

6. Cook on a medium heat till it turns brown.

7. Add saffron, cardamom powder and sugar and continue to cook on slow heat for almost an hour.

8. Add khoya and nuts and gain cook for half an hour

9. Cook till it start leaving side and ghee floats.

10. Serve hot garnished with nuts