Slurrp Exclusive- Chef Prem Shares His Winter Salad Recipe
Image Credit: Home-grown mustard cress with winter carrots & Brussels sprout with seeds and Alba truffle oil dressing

Who doesn’t like a healthy, hearty bowl of salad. With the change of seasons the offerings at the local market changes too and yes all the more during winter when the vegetable market is loaded with colours. It’s pretty quick and easy to toss up something healthy during winter. Something crisp. Something crunchy is always desirable. A big bowl of greens, some fruits, some seeds with some sweet sour snappy texture and vibrant flavor surely lifts the spirits. Not to miss the fact that all these leafy green vegetables are absolutely rich in nutrient rich as the leaves contain the Vitamin A, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, calcium, folate, fiber and more. 

Be it the hearty main-dish salads, crisp, refreshing slaws, citrus salads, or simple staples like broccoli and cauliflower salads or Brussels sprouts for a tasty base, winter happens to be the best time to enjoy these. A satisfying well-plated bowl of salad is nothing less than wholesome treat. This is not just refreshing but filling too. 

Here’s an exclusive Home-grown mustard cress with winter carrots& Brussels sprout with seeds and Alba truffle oil dressing by Chef Prem K Pogakula- Executive Chef, The Imperial New Delhi “If someone wants to enjoy the health benefits of leafy greens, fruits and veggie in one salad, then strawberry and nuts salad is perfect. With delish winter ingredients like Brussels sprouts, baby carrots, squash and beets, here's how to get your salad fix all year long. This will actually replace a full day meal as it has all the required nutrition and it’s very healthy to start a day”


    Fresh strawberry cut ¼-6nos

    Boiled and 1/2 cut baby carrots-4nos

    Brussels sprouts-boiled and cut to 1/4-10nos

    Mustard cress- handful

    Carrot leaves-50gms

Seeds & nuts-1 table spoon( all together)- all slowly roasted

    Pumpkin seeds

    Chia seeds

    Roasted almonds

    Sunflower seeds

    Salt and black peer to taste


    White truffle oil-20ml

    Sugar-half tea spoon

    Lemon-1 no

    Salt- to taste

    Olive oil-60ml


    In a bowl mix all the dressing ingredients and keep a side

    Take all the fresh salad ingredients and mix with dressing and arrange in a bowl

    Once done sprinkle all the roasted nuts on top and serve cold.