Slurrp Exclusive: Chef Asami Indo Shares Tips And Secrets To Make Japanese Desserts

Japanese cuisine is one that hasn’t been fully explored in many parts of the world. While it has finally started to make its presence felt in India now, thanks to many Japanese restaurants that are opening up in metro cities, we are still discovering new facets of the cuisine. A lot of those who do know a bit about Japanese cuisine will tell you a fair amount about sushi and ramen, but nothing more significant. One of the major aspects of this cuisine, which dates back to 17th century, is its desserts. And while it may not be as popular as say a sushi, but the Japanese have been making sweets since ancient times?

The history of Japanese sweets goes back to mochi, a sticky rice cake, which is known as the oldest processed food in Japan.  The dessert menu of a Japanese restaurant is sure to impress all those who like their desserts with an edge. From fluffy Japanese cheesecakes, daifuku, matcha cheese tart and loads of breads. And if you ask me how I know a Japanese menu so much, it’s because of this cutesy place in Delhi- Harajuku Tokyo Café. With an ambience that resonates with Kawaii; the culture of cuteness in Japan, Harajuku is offers a range of Japanese treats from sushis, gyoza, katsu to ramen and hand pulled noodles. And that’s not all, a separate dessert counter is a delight for anyone with a sweet tooth and I'm no exception. Shortcake, cream puff, cheese tart and oh-so-light and airy Japanese cotton cheesecake, is what sweet dreams are made of.