Slurrp Exclusive: Chef Amit Puri On His Unforgettable Kitchen Memories And More
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Amit Puri is one of India's best chefs, with profound knowledge and expertise in the niche. He has been a consultant for the restaurant business with several clients. He began his career at the Taj Hotel in Colaba, one of the most renowned names associated. Searching for everlasting flavours, good recipes and shuffling from one kitchen to another, he sought inspiration from numerous culinary stalwarts.

Living over 20 years in the F&B industry, he has worked in big and small capacities, which helped him gain vast insights and improve his technique every passing year. Witnessing old and new techniques, he has developed and added his versatile cooking style, using traditional recipes as guidelines and adding his unique twist. Moreover, by merging cuisines, he has formed the ability to create everlasting flavours and unforgettable memories, leading to his association with numerous award-winning brands.  

What is your childhood memory of cooking?

As a child, I was inspired by watching my father often cook in the kitchen on many occasions with my mother. My sister and I would join them in the kitchen on days like these, offering our help. In those days, my dad and I watched the famous ‘Yan Can Cook’ on the television and tried to replicate the dishes in our home kitchen. My mother makes this amazing Dahi Chicken, one of my favourites (and it tastes the best when she makes it). Mom and dad also used occasionally to bake a marble cake. Nothing fancy, just plain vanilla, with red and green colour marble, no frosting, no chocolate. The oven used to be kept in the loft and was taken down only for that occasional cake. I still remember the taste of the raw cake batter.