Slurrp Exclusive: Anukriti Anand’s Scratch Kitchen Run By Girls Is All About Fun Dining
Image Credit: Anukriti Anand-Altogether Experimental Café

At once a craft coffee bar, a scratch kitchen and a modern patisserie - Altogether Experimental Café allows you to scooch into their world of idyllic setting, warm service and delectable flavours. Located in the bylanes of Saiyad Ul Ajaib in Saket, New Delhi, A.T.E opens its doors to create and #celebrATE unforgettable experiences over ambrosial meals. The café combines a carefully considered selection of seasonal produce with an array of modern flavours, in the all-girls kitchen. A hideout in the middle of a busy path, the café allows you to step into the tasteful setting of muted yet vibrant colours, comfy fabrics and a curated menu of crispity crunchity textures. 

A.T.E believes in running a minimal waste kitchen and bar ensuring that everything in the café is repurposed to be used in another dish/drink/utility. The packaging used for delivery/takeaways, is made from biodegradable and compostable material that helps control their carbon footprint on this planet. With a thoughtful approach, every step at A.T.E is towards living a sustainable, low-impact life.  

Anukriti Anand, Chef owner, Altogether Experimental pours her heart out as she shares her journey with HT SLurrp 

How did the whole idea of this all-girls kitchen come into existence?

It was all about challenging the status quo of girls not being in commercial kitchens because it’s always been a male dominant industry. The idea was to lead and create a fun community of talented chefs where girls could demonstrate their exemplary culinary skills without being restricted in any form.

What is the USP of Altogether Experimental?

Altogether Experimental  is an all-girls run scratch kitchen, craft coffee bar and a modern patisserie where all things made fresh & from scratch. We’ve always tried to source locally and have made sure that our partners are also into sustainable ways.

How easy or difficult was to divide your expertise and start the project?

Having scanned the city’s F&B’s scenario extensively, we found out that there was a huge gap in the market for a hybrid concept that seamlessly weaved the disciplines of specialty coffee, modern patisserie & a scratch kitchen. The name Altogether Experimental came out of the same thought process that allowed the brand to be anything it wanted to be. It wasn't easy considering the brand was opened a few months before the pandemic hit. It took time to build the brand and survive 3 lockdowns at the same time. We learnt & expanded the knowledge while working. After an entire year of sailing in uncharted waters, getting a new brand back on its feet was a challenge but our kind patrons have come back and have shown their full blown support in terms of loyalty.

What all did you guys take care while designing the menu?

We have created a seasonal menu with locally-sourced ingredients, and a careful selection of meat and dairy; while staying true to our name & experimenting with flavours. Be it our dine in menu, mini cakes, celebration cakes or coffee bar, we have always tried to do things differently. Our menu changes four times a year and there are also vegan & gluten free options. 

What is that one thing That everyone must try while visiting here?

Our celebration cakes and desserts are the most loved, the craft coffee bar, Korean fried chicken burger, and seasonal bowls.