Slurp Into The Goodness Of Korean Noodles; Recipe Inside
Image Credit: Korean Noodles/Nonghsim Noodle Stir Fry

It’s no hidden truth that Koreans love noodles. Noodles are an important part of the culture. And if yoi are K drama fan then you must have spotted the little copper ramen pot which is nothing less than a Korean souvenir these days. Quizzed about the popularity of Korean food in India, Mr Danny Jeong, Manager, Overseas Development Team, Nongshim Korea says “Korean food is getting popular year on year in India. It is a new trend that started with the K-Pop and K-Drama Show during the lockdown. The brand factor, visibility at the stores, sampling and engaging with customers has also played a big role in the popularity of Korean food.” The Korean Ramen Noodles sees a much unique and tasty flavor and is absolutely delicious. The best part being these noodles doesn't become soggy and mushy once cooked.

For Korean noodles are symbolic of long life and it considered as a luxury food. The crisp anchovy broth in which these noodles lay in a bed of vegetables makes it absolutely delicious.  Talking about some specific items that are more popular with consumers he says “The Korean Ramyun is very popular and is known as ‘Shin Ramyun’. Which has many flavours from recently launched Shin Stir Fry Noodles, Gourmet Spicy, Kimchi, Red Super spicy and Shin Soon Veggie. The Korean Ramyun ‘ Shin Ramyun’ is an excellent spicy flavour made with world’s finest pepper which has become a known flavour.

Here's an excellent recipe of Noodle Soup


    Nongshim Shin Ramyun Noodle Soup

    500 ml vegetable stock

    2 tsp oyster sauce

    3 tsp soy sauce

    3 tbsp sesame oil

    50 gm silken tofu

    20 gm shitake mushrooms

    40 gm pokchoy

    40 gm spinach

    40 gm spring onion

    3 sprigs of cilantro sprigs

    1 pc red chilli

    1 pc red onion • 1 pc water chestnut

    1 pc star anise

    1 pc cinnamon

    1 pc cloves

    1 tsp ginger

    4 stems of coriander



    Prepare the vegetable stock with flavour vegetables

    Wash shitake mushrooms and soak it in warm water, use the stock of shitake for flavouring the vegetable stock.

    Start with boiling the stock and add the potli (spice bag) to give an intense flavour to the broth

    Add the Nongshim Shin Ramyun seasoning to the stock and add the noodles. Let them cook for 5-6 minutes.

    Slice the shitake mushrooms, red onions and water chestnut.

    Deep fry the red onions and flour dust the water chestnut and deep fry.

    Steam the greens (spinach and pokchoy) and silken tofu separately with a dash of oyster sauce and soy sauce.

    Place the cooked noodles n a bowl and pour over your broth.

    Place the sides individually for tasting every bite of ramen with surprising elements. Sides include slices of shitake mushrooms, deep fry onion and water chestnut, steamed pokchoy and spinach.

    Lastly, place the steamed silken tofu and drizzle some sesame oil.

    Garnish with fresh herbs and some julienne of red chillies, beetroot and place the herb bag.