Tarun Sibal Says His Food Philosophy Is ‘Gourmet Casual’
Image Credit: Tarun Sibal

Recently Chef Tarun Sibal, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder, Titlie brought together a convergence of not just two restaurants but also different flavors and cultures to the capital in association with ROOH. The core of this collaboration lies in its experiential course of action to bring forth the best of plates through a “gourmet causal” approach. The pop-up saw Tarun’s signature Collaborative Cuisine featuring a 10-course menu (in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants), along with a selection of craft cocktails. Titlie’s classic Hummus with Kurkuri Bhindi, Dal Bhutta Khees, Passion fruit, Banana Crumble topped the list. 

Tarun who is known for his unique food philosophy, and  ‘Collaborative Cuisine’ style of cooking in a quick chit chat with Slurrp he takes about his journey, Taurn Sibal signatures an more

How did your background of coming from a culinary family shape up your journey?

I was exposed to culinary arts from a very young age as I belong to the third generation of a family intimately involved in Delhi’s catering industry. I started my culinary journey at IHM Pusa. Becoming an Industrial Trainee at the Oberoi, a Management Trainee with the India Habitat Centre and a Sous Chef were the three major milestones of the first phase of my professional life. Working and learning with the best chefs during that period became the core of my food sensibilities and strengthened my interest in cooking.

What was the first dish you ever cooked professionally?

The “Swiss roll” in my first bakery class is a clear and a very fond memory. I made something, that I usually purchase from a store. It was a happy moment. 

When it’s said that the “menu is done by Tarun Sibal”, what shall one expect?

My food philosophy is ‘Gourmet Casual’ and represents a way of life. The offering is big, hearty, bold and gourmet, yet unpretentious. The idea is to make the familiar more exciting and the non-familiar more approachable. Expect honesty and Intent on the plate.

Ragi upma/ Pic Tarun Sibal


- Broil the ragi flour and semolina (50/ 50) in a heavy bottom pan on a medium heat 

- Keep its separate 

- In a pan add, ghee

- Add mustard Seeds, Chana Dal (Par boil) ,Curry Leaves, Dried Chilly 

- Add, chopped Shallots, (Diced Carrots, Long beans Peas (Par boiled), Bok Choy 

- Add the flour and cook 

- Add Water 

- Get the consistency right while adding, Salt, and lemon juice 

Peanut Crumble with Coconut 

- Slightly toss the peanut in a heavy bottom pan 

- Give is a rough grind (keep it separate)

- Slice some Fresh or dried Coconut 


- Mix sweet chilli sauce with peanut butter

- Add salt, and lemon, a little tamarind paste  

- Add sugar if required 

To plate 

- Use a round mould to pace the upma in the centre of the plate

- Top it with Peanut crumble and Coconut 

- Drizzle the sauce on top 

- Serve it with a fresh lemon along with a some of curry leaf