Skin Care: Dry Fruit Water For Festive Glow This Season
Image Credit: Unsplash

Are you someone who has relied on cosmetic treatments to achieve the perfect holiday glow? Then there's an age-old trick of rejuvenating and revitalising your skin from within. What's more, guess what? It is quite inexpensive and beneficial to immunity and metabolism. Raisin water, a royal secret for beautiful skin, hair, and health, is the source of this age-old secret.

Dry fruits are high in nutrients and fibre, and soaking them in water just helps to release the nutrients into the water. This water can be consumed or applied topically in a variety of ways. Is dry fruit water, on the other hand, healthy? The answer is a resounding yes. This is because dried fruits are high in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins C, A, and E, all of which are beneficial to immunity and metabolism. Raisins include antioxidants and vitamin E, which help to improve skin texture by stimulating cell renewal. Here are some more reasons why raisin water is a skin elixir.

Why Raisin Water Is Important For Your Skin?

Raisins include phytochemicals and amino acids that act as a barrier to protect your skin from sun damage and the impacts of pollution. In fact, drinking this water as a tonic or applying it as a face pack will help reduce the look of blemishes and acne spots. Aside from that, raisin water contains the powerful chemical melatonin, which provides natural glowing skin when consumed and applied on a regular basis. The consumption of Raisin water stimulates digestion, is beneficial to prostate health, and aids in the induction of sleep. Here's how to include this water into your regular routine.

Steps To Make Raisin Water At Home

1.    Pour 2 cups of lukewarm water into a glass jar to prepare Raisin water.

2.    Wash about 100g of raisins before adding them to the water. Soak it overnight, covered with the lid.

3.    To receive the benefits of this water, drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Topical Use-

    By combining it with rosewater, this raisin water can be used as a skin toner.

    Add 1 tsp honey, 1 tbsp besan/rice flour, and some turmeric powder to make a face mask for dull skin.

    Apply raisin water with drops of lemon juice and rosewater to greasy skin. Wash it away for naturally radiant skin.