Six Essential Korean Kitchen Tools You Need To Know

The right kitchen tool and gadget are vital in getting the taste of authentic meals. These specific tools have been crafted keeping Korean food in mind. The tools from Indian traditional kitchens are far different from them. The Korean kitchen has particular tools to get distinctive food. So, if you’re planning to cook Korean food, here are a few essential tools you must have to master your meal. Here are five items that you’ll find most in the Korean kitchen

1. Rice Pressure Cooker

Rice has been a staple dish on the Korean diet for centuries. The machine will allow you to cook rice in a larger quantity. Koreans often use the word 'bap', which means “rice and meal”. Constantly it's an investment piece to cook rice for Korean dishes. 

2. Woks

Woks serve a variety of needs; it's deeper than ordinary pots and pans. For example, bulgogi, japchae, and other iconic traditional Korean dishes are cooked in a wok. The iron-coated layer allows the juice of the dish to create a unique smoky flavor to the dish. 

3. Rolling Mats

It’s used for making kimbap. A rolling mat is essential in the Korean kitchen. The preparation of kimbap is just similar to the rolling of sushi. They help in rolling the kimbap into a nice tight roll that considerably makes the process easier. They are inexpensive and made up of bamboo. 

4. Kimchi Container 

Kimchi is a traditional side dish with the taste of sweet, sour, spicy. This container allows kimchi to ferment correctly and gives a special odour. It has a trade-off for its deliciousness that creates funky magic to this dish. 

5. Cooking Scissors 

Yes, maybe you are wondering why there are scissors in the Korean kitchen. Koreans have been valued by having scissors in the kitchen as they use them to cut noodles, kimchi, meat, and other items. This is because scissors work so durably and are easy to use, unlike overly large knives and other western cooking utensils. 

6. Stone Bowl 

Stone bowls, unlike other bowls made up of stone, are called “Dolsots”. The bowls are used extensively in Korean cooking for durability and heat-retaining, even without hassle or harm. Like bibimbap and dol sot bi bim bap, some of the most delicious dishes use stone bowls to bring perfect consistency to their rice. Cooking in this stoned bowl helps in developing the ideal texture of the dish.