Simple Yet Classic Sandwiches We Can’t Get Enough Of
Image Credit: Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A majority of us are huge sandwich fans, undoubtedly. No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, you can grab a sandwich, and you are done. This simplest combination of bread with veggies, or sauces, or cheese, or chicken or anything, is the best. Though there are so many dishes and meals that are delicious, wonderful, and have exciting flavour combinations, we still chose to have a sandwich. Why do we love sandwiches so much? 

Sandwiches are easiest to make and hands down, this is the topmost reason why we love them. Be it in the morning or at midnight, all you need is bread slices and something to complement it with. There are ample variations that we see in sandwiches but there are some simple yet classic sorts that we just can get enough of. Let us see what are these classic sandwiches we are talking about. 

Vegetable Mayo Sandwich 

Western culture has made an impact on Indian cooking a lot. Out of all the habits we adopted, one is the usage of mayonnaise. This vegetable mayo sandwich is a perfect combination of vegetables mixed in mayo and slapped under bread slices.  

Cheese Tomato Sandwich 

Cheese is a very common and loved ingredient used in almost every type of sandwich. This sandwich variation is the easiest, believe me. You only need to slice tomatoes and put them on a bread slice. Then, you have to add cheese slices, slap another bread slice, add salt and black pepper and toast them a little. This may be counted as one of the healthiest sandwiches you can have.  

Curd Sandwich 

Here comes the sandwich with an Indian touch. We all love curd and we all love sandwiches. You can guess how delicious this would be. Here, raw veggies are mixed with curd and given a thick consistency. Then placed on bread, this sandwich tastes heaven when served with green chutney or tomato.  Click here for the recipe.

Aloo Sandwich 

Just to remain inclined towards Indian cooking, this is another sandwich on the list. Made with boiled potatoes, this sandwich is a staple breakfast in several Indian households. Just like you make stuffing for aloo parantha, similar stuffing is made for these sandwiches as well. Try it the next time.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich 

Cheese lovers can’t afford to miss this sandwich. This has a perfect blend of cheese with bread slices that are grilled. It has nothing other than cheese and thus, not everyone would like to have it. But those who know, know! 

Chocolate Sandwich 

This is a sweet and simpler yet classic sandwich that is most loved these days. Its name is enough to make us drool. Bread slices have hot chocolate stuffed in between and even garnished with chocolate. I am sure that no one can control them from licking their fingers after having this lip-smacking sandwich.

These are some of the classic sandwiches that are as simple as they can get. We believe that you might have tried most of them. Let us know if you have tasted any other sandwich that could be on the list.