Simple Tips To Remove Excess Oil From Cooked Food
Image Credit: Picture Courtesy: Pixabay

While cooking food, we usually end up adding something or the other in excess. This mostly happens with salt and oil. That's when we are reminded of our grandmother's secret tips and tricks to fix the food. For example, I remember my mother and grandmother too used to add dough balls to a curry dish to get rid of the excess salt and remove them after some time from the gravy. In the same way, there are certain hacks to remove excess oil from your cooked food. Yes, whether it is a curry dish or snacks, you can bid adieu to the floating oil. You just need to know a few tricks. Read on to know about them.

From Curry Dishes

To remove the layer of fat from the gravy you can put huge ice cubes in it. The excess oil will get stuck beneath the ice cubes and then you just need to separate the cubes from the curry after some time. You can also try another trick which is to refrigerate the curry dish for a while. The fat would rise and become thick at the top from where you can easily scoop away the fat.

From Fried Foods

Most of us, especially fitness enthusiasts avoid fried food as they contain too much oil which can disrupt their weight loss process and can be debilitating for health too. We all are well aware of one trick that helps us remove excess oil from fried foods and that's by keeping them on absorbent paper or kitchen towel. Apart from that, what you can do is, cook the food at the right smoking point. This doesn't let the food absorb the excess oil. Additionally, you can use a slotted ladle to cook the food and transfer the food to a different utensil. 


Just like curry dishes, you can refrigerate the sauce for an hour so that you can skim off the top layer of it which contains excess oil. Else, you can boil the sauce and allow it to cool for some time. Once you see the excess oil on top of it, scoop it off. Your sauce is ready for use.