Excess Tea Consumption? Read To Know Its Side-Effects
Image Credit: Side-Effects Of COnsuming Excess Tea

Tea is not a beverage; it's a feeling and emotion. It rejuvenates your senses and keeps you alert on a dull day. Tea also has healing properties that fight cold, cough, reduces chronic conditions and heart diseases. Hence, there is no harm in sipping a few cups of tea, but overdoing it may cause some aftereffects. So here are some side effects that can occur due to over-consumption.

1. Constipation 

Increased intake of caffeine can hamper your digestion tract and reduce the capability to absorb nutrition. Tea has a substance component called ‘tannin’, which impedes iron from the food we eat. The tea also has one chemical name as ‘Theophylline’ that dehydrates digestion and causes constipation. One cup of tea helps clear the bowel movement in the morning, but drinking excessive cups of tea can cause constipation and bloats the stomach.

2. Lack Of Sleep

Tea is a source of caffeine that boosts energy levels and leads to a mild diuretic effect if you take excessive cups of tea. Excessive intake may disrupt the sleep cycle. Also may inhibit melatonin production; melatonin is a hormone that gives a green signal to the brain that it’s time to sleep. Excessive tea or caffeine cause chronic sleep deprivation, increasing the risk of obesity and poor blood sugar control.

3. Makes You Addicted

One of the aftereffects of consuming too much tea is that you can quickly get addicted to tea. The caffeine in tea makes you addicted. When regular tea drinkers don't get their teacup simultaneously, it gets disturbed, annoyed, weary, lethargic, irritated, and their energy level drops. Some people also face the experience of headaches and fatigue until they don't get three to four cups of tea. 

4. Dehydration

Too many cups of tea cause a dehydration effect in the body. This means excess tea consumption reduces tubules' absorption abilities, which leave you dehydrated and cause a lack of water substance in the body. Therefore, it wouldn’t be recommended to drink more than two to three cups of tea in a day. 

Excess of anything has its repercussions. So be careful about what you are consuming!