Shraddha Kapoor’s Sunday Cheat Meal Includes Vada Pav & Mangoes

Actress Shraddha Kapoor’s diet plan, which has been considered as easy-to-follow, is not devoid of the many amazing treats that she makes sure to get a fill of, from time to time. In her most recent quest to prove her unending love for food, she posted pictures of delicious food items that her friends sent over on a Sunday. The lip-smacking snacks included a set of freshly made vada pavs which came wrapped in newspaper – that she enjoyed with green and red chutneys, fried gram flour bits for crunch along with some sukha chutney and aam murabba on the side.

Taking her love for good food even further, Shraddha decided to enjoy a few mangoes that came in fresh from her friend’s farm, to which she jokingly said that she wasn’t going to pay for. The toned actress, whose love for street food is quite well-known, believes in enjoying without over-indulging. From practicing yoga to dancing, her varied workout routine is a reflection of how she likes to enjoy her food. Despite her love for all things food, the actress always finds her way back to home-cooked Maharashtrian meals prepared by her mother and grandmother.

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From mutton to pomfret Kalwan curry, the self-confessed seafood aficionado relishes Japanese sushi with equal enthusiasm. Keeping her everyday meals simple and fuss-free, Shraddha makes sure to eat regular preparations like dalia, poha or theplas for breakfast, followed by roti-sabzi-dal and fish for lunch. Consciously limiting her carb intake during dinnertime, the actress usually opts for grilled seafood or a fish curry to eat with brown bread or rice.