If you’re thinking about who is the biggest foodie in B-town then the name of actress Shilpa Shetty is sure to cross your mind many a times. Shilpa is an ace chef and a foodie who loves to indulge in every dish, regardless of its calories, every once in a while. Shilpa’s wholesome lifestyle includes yoga, fitness and of-course - a nutritious diet. Shilpa likes to travel and indulge in the cuisine of the place she is at. Her Instagram is full of photos of her trying out the regional cuisines of many different countries. Recently, Shilpa visited Paris, and engaged in many yummy desserts. Shilpa has a huge penchant for desserts. Over the weekend, Shilpa shared a video of herself enjoying some delicious chocolate doughnuts on the occasion of World Emoji Day. 

In the video, we could see Shilpa in a doughnut shop in London. "This is what you call a real Sunday binge," she captioned the video. The actress was seen devouring a chocolate-topped doughnut with a creamy filling inside. Shilpa seemed to be enjoying her donut quite a lot and this was evident from her expressions. Her expressions resembled an emoji, making the video perfect for World Emoji Day. "Sunday Binge se jo kare pyaar, Woh kaise karte hain apne pyaar ka izhaar? Emojis se," she wrote in the caption. She further clarified that her video was a throwback to her trip in London, where she had gone earlier in the month of July. 

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Shilpa picks the weekend for indulging in a perfect binge and even in the past, this actress has shared videos and photos of her tempting weekend indulgence to her Instagram, keeping her 26 million followers entertained and hooked for more. Just last week, the actress posted a video of herself gorging on a delicious wrap. The yummy treat was also a part of Shilpa’s Sunday binge. The message on Shilpa’s dapper sweatshirt was something that caught our attention as it was quite funny and appropriate for the occasion. "My sweatshirt is gluten-free, but my wrap is not," she captioned the post.