Sherlock Foams & The Case Of The Great Dinner Mix-up
Image Credit: Is murder on the menu?

GREETINGS, fellow sleuths and gourmands! While our beloved fictional detectives are known for their razor-sharp minds and unyielding pursuit of justice, many of them also share a lesser-known passion: a finely honed taste for food. Today, we invite you to solve a culinary mystery of your own. Below, you’ll find descriptions of famous detectives paired with their favourite foods. But there’s a twist – the foods and detectives are all mixed up! Your task is to match each detective to their preferred dish or drink. Happy sleuthing!


Column A – The Detectives

1. This meticulous Belgian detective, with a penchant for symmetry and order, often indulges in a warm, rich beverage mid-morning.

2. Known for his love of fine wines and extravagant meals, this English nobleman-detective spares no expense in his culinary pursuits.

3. An American detective who enjoys hearty, straightforward meals, often found in the diners and grills of his city.

4. A New York detective who rarely leaves his house, yet enjoys the finest delicacies prepared by his personal chef.

5. This Victorian detective occasionally pauses his cases for a cup of fine tea.

6. A French inspector whose cases often lead him to savour delectable seafood and other local specialties.

7. With a diet reflecting his no-nonsense attitude, this hardboiled detective frequently opts for fast food.

8. This Sicilian inspector treasures his housekeeper’s homemade treats.

Column B – The Foods

1. Skate wings with black butter, a favourite detour for this gourmand detective.

2. Arancini balls, perfect for an inspector navigating the murkiness of Sicilian crime.

3. Curried chicken and a blend of earl grey and lapsang souchong tea for this detective who is all about focusing on the elementary.

4. Duckling with shad roe mousse, enjoyed by a detective who rarely leaves his home.

5. Croissants and hot chocolate, preferred by a detective with an impeccable moustache.

6. Lamb chops with a baked potato, often ordered by a no-nonsense American sleuth.

7. Fried egg and toast squares, always served in perfect symmetry.

8. A luxurious spread featuring fine wines, often consumed by an aristocratic detective.


A1. Hercule Poirot - B5. Croissants and hot chocolate

A2. Lord Peter Wimsey - B8. A luxurious spread featuring fine wines

A3. Sam Spade - B6. Lamb chops with a baked potato

A4. Nero Wolfe - B4. Duckling with shad roe mousse

A5. Sherlock Holmes - B3. Curried chicken and a blend of earl grey and lapsang souchong tea

A6. Inspector Maigret - B1. Skate wings with black butter

A7. Philip Marlowe - B7. Fried egg and toast squares

A8. Inspector Montalbano - B2. Arancini balls


8 Correct: Congratulations, Master Detective! Your culinary sleuthing skills are unparalleled.

6-7 Correct: Well done, Savvy Sleuth! You have a keen eye (and palate) for detail.

4-5 Correct: Not bad, Aspiring Gumshoe. With a bit more practice, you’ll be cracking cases in no time.

2-3 Correct: Keep at it, Junior Investigator. The path to detective greatness is paved with practice.

0-1 Correct: Don’t worry, Culinary Clue-Getter. Even the greatest detectives started somewhere.