Sheetala Ashtami: 6 Traditional Basoda Delicacies To Try Once

Besan Mirchi

A delicacy born out of inaccessibility to fresh produce during the harsh desert summer, this Rajasthani delicacy has a tangy-spicy flavour palate. Eaten as a side dish to rotis and pudi, green chillies are stir fried in a mixture of roasted gram flour, garlic and spices. The besan mirchi – although similar to a pickle in appearance – classifies as a condiment with a relatively short shelf life compared to an achaar.


Also known as maida churma, the magadh is considered to be a traditional sweet preparation which is the contemporary for its whole wheat counterpart. A delicacy from Jodhpur, the magadh is served alongside a flaky pastry known as khaja – and typically consumed after religious offerings are made in temples. One of the most common prasad items across the state, the magadh also utilises the use of fine semolina in some recipes, to give it a grainy texture.


Image Credits: Dawat-E-Khana

This probiotic-rich preparation of sweetened curd-rice is one of the cooling foods that is said to benefit the digestive system after long hours of fasting. Since yoghurt is known to be one of the summer-friendly dairy products which also possesses multiple nutritional properties, the karba – made using a mixture of yoghurt, rice, soaked raisins and sugar – is allowed to ferment overnight, making it easy for the body to digest and assimilate.

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Papad Churi

In the elaborate plethora of Rajasthani accompaniments, the crunchy and savoury papad churi features prominently in a basoda thali. Deep-fried papad or lentil-based crispy flatbreads are crushed until it forms a texture akin to breakfast cereal – where it retains some of its form and all the crunch. Due to the composition of the papad, the churi is also dense in plant-based protein from the usage of lentils.

Pyaz Ka Achaar

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As the name suggests, this instant pickle made using small bulbs of onions – a commonly used ingredient during the Rajasthani summers – this version of the pickle is said to have cooling as well as appetite-inducing properties. Since high temperatures in the summer can cause various ailments which might affect one’s eating patterns, the gunde ka achaar pairs well with most types of flatbreads that are a staple for meal times.


A warm beverage of sorts, made using jowar or bajra flour – the raab is typically known to be an excellent summer coolant and light lunch option. Flour is toasted until fragrant and simmered in buttermilk, before it is served warm with chopped onions, crushed khakhra or even sipped on as is, with some fresh yoghurt mixed in to make the mouthfeel creamy. The raab is also consumed chilled and can be made ahead of time, in order to deepen its tangy flavour as well as have a cold meal option.