Shawarma Vs Gyro: Key Differences You Need To Know

At first glance, the gyro and the shawarma appear to be very similar. In fact, both are said to be the offshoots of the popularity of doner kebab, a Turkish delicacy made with thinly sliced beef roasted on a vertical rotisserie.

However, despite their similarities, gyros and shawarma are two very different dishes. Here is what you need to know about these two delicacies.

What’s a Gyro?

A gyro is a Greek sandwich served on pita bread (pronounced YEE-row). The Greek word "gyro" means “round” and it refers to heaped meat roasted on a vertical rotisserie.

Gyros are usually made with pork in Greece, but chicken is also famous, and the meat slices are bundled on a spit. American gyros, on the other hand, are frequently made with a loaf of ground beef and lamb.

Greek gyros are served in pitas with tomato, red onion, a few French fries, and plenty of tzatziki (a Greek sauce or dip made with yoghurt and cucumbers). In the United States, lettuce is added to the mix on occasion, and French fries are frequently served on the side. Gyro meat is commonly seasoned with Greek herbs such as rosemary, oregano, and thyme.

Due to the rising Greek population in New York City, the gyro became popular in the United States in the 1970s.



 What came first?

Iskender Efendi invented shawarma for the first time in 1870. It included meat that had been cooked vertically and seasoned to perfection. The earliest known shawarma was apparently invented in Bursa, Turkey. The wrap was so good that it quickly spread to the other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern civilizations. It has now evolved into a delectable dish that is enjoyed by people all around the world.

Gyros were invented in Greece in 1922. It began with the influx of refugees from Istanbul and Ismir. It was widely reported that the immigrants began to open gyro businesses in the Greek cities where they now resided.

After World War II, the popularity of gyro sky-rocketed in the Western world. It quickly became one of the world's most popular fast foods and can now be found across the world.