Shahid Kapoor’s Humorous Spin On Viral Coffee Trend; 3 Drinks To Try This Summer
Image Credit: Screengrab of video/Instagram, Shahid Kapoor's caffeine is really showing up now!

We all know at least one such person who cannot live without coffee. The aromatic brew is so tempting that it makes it irresistible for some of us to start our day without a cup of hot coffee. There are various studies that come out each day, suggesting that we should or shouldn’t drink coffee every day. Even celebrities are often seen carrying their cups in their hands while travelling and we all know that it’s not water. We caught Mira Kapoor expressing her love for this brewed drink some time back and seems like she has passed it on to her beau too. 

The duo seems to love coffee because Shahid Kapoor took to his Instagram to voice his real feelings about the drink recently. In his latest reel, he is seen stepping out of his vanity with a cup of coffee in his hand and screaming, “Does anybody want coffee”? which is the caption for his video too. Then you see him on set, near a coffee machine, presumably making coffee and saying, “I’m making coffee, does anybody want coffee”? He goes on to repeat the same in different situations and at different locations with the crew a little taken aback by his sudden outburst. 

Source: Shahid Kapoor/Instagram 

Did you know that coffee was discovered by a goat herder? It was the goat which got intoxicated by a certain plant and the aroma attracted the herder. So he brought the coffee beans  back and tried their magical powers. That’s how coffee came into being as a drink.

While we can’t stop laughing at his hilarious take on coffee, we would love it if he could make some for us too. Till that happens, how about trying some refreshing drinks this summer? Here are a few recipes to try. 

1.  Summer Breeze 

Just like the name of this drink, it will touch your lips like a light breeze and refresh your soul to the core. Made with lemonade, aerated drinks like 7Up and some orange extract, the summer cooler is just here to make you chill. 

2.  Summer Punch 

Take some passion fruit and strawberries and mix it with orange juice. The result would be a delicious punch that is sweet, colourful and extremely relaxing. 

3.  Summer Blossom 

On a hot summer day, it is definitely needed that you blossom. This drink will provide you respite like no other. Made with elderflower, apple juice and earl grey syrup, a chilled glass of summer blossom is sure to liven up your day.