The COVID-19 pandemic robbed us of nearly two whole years. There was no way to indulge our hearts and minds altogether with the number of fatalities around and the lockdown imposed upon us. However, the only things to engage in during these challenging times were the viral social media trends. From dalgona coffee to pasta chips, the food trends were enough to drive us to try them out at our homes. As 2021 is about to end in just ten days, we know the internet is up for some more exciting trends to keep us engaged in the following year. The upcoming year 2022 has a lot in stock regarding food trends, and sex coffee is one of them. 

Sex coffee is a concoction of cocoa, cinnamon and a secret ingredient called Maca. The coffee is a classic aphrodisiac is aromatic, indulgent, and a delight to savour for caffeine aficionados. Hailing from the lanes of the United States, sex coffee is a libido booster. The aphrodisiac feature is attributed to the secret ingredient Maca. Maca is an aphrodisiac food that boosts testosterone levels and increases sex drive. It is a plant extract from the Brassica family cultivated in the Peruvian Andes. The Peruvians used it as a sex stimulant by improving the quality of sperm and eggs. The ingredient is enriched with essential nutrients like zinc, potassium, vitamin B9, and sodium. 

How To Make Sex Coffee At Home?

We know the peaking winters drive your senses to indulge in something warm, comforting and delicious. We wouldn’t suggest anything but this tempting sex coffee if you ask us. A cup of it will soothe your heart, soul and palate altogether and prep you up for a cosy winter evening. To make it at home, make a cup of regular black coffee. Then, to the same, add coconut milk, two spoonfuls of cacao powder, a dash of cinnamon, a tablespoon of honey as a sweetener, a teaspoon of maca powder and two tablespoons of coconut milk.

Cookies and doughnuts are the perfect accompaniments to this sex coffee. You can also relish a cup of it with your favourite sweet or savoury snacks on the side. Have this on a winter evening, and your evening is sorted with the indulgence in an aromatic beverage.