Selena Gomez Paris Food Adventure Sees Croissants, Coffee & More
Image Credit: Instagram/Selena Gomez

You may know Selena Gomez as a musical sensation and actress who has reigned supreme on both our headphones and screens, but did you know that she is also a foodie? Not only does Selena Gomez cook amazing Teriyaki bowls for meals but has also been signed on to host food shows this year. So, it is quite natural that when she travels, Selena Gomez indulges in local delicacies. And that’s precisely what she did during her two-month-long stay in Paris

In a recent social media post, Selena Gomez shared a whole spew of images from her stay in Paris. She was in the French capital city shooting for her new film, Emilia Perez from writer-director Jacques Audiard. “Thank you Paris for being a home to me for two months! I loved every moment,” she wrote in the post. “Working on this film has completely changed my life. I can’t wait to share more soon! Love you all.”  

The pictures Selena Gomez posted show her enjoying a variety of French delicacies. In the first snap, she is seen biting into a huge French croissant-like bread outside celebrated pastry chef, Philippe Conticini’s shop. In another picture, the actress is seen enjoying heart-shaped Mergherita and other pizzas with co-star Zoe Saldana. 

Of course, when in France you have to enjoy plenty of coffee, and so Selena Gomez did too. In one picture we can see a tall cup of coffee Selena Gomez enjoyed while on shoot. In another, she is seen enjoying some creamy morning coffee on the patio of her room with a Parisian view. Her Paris adventures clearly evoked wanderlust and food cravings for us.