Scones-A Sweet Delight People Are Falling In Love With
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Scones are familiar to almost everyone. It's a sweet baked bread made with oats or wheat flour that goes well with a strong cup of tea. Scones are not a new invention; they have been around for a long time. The word ‘scones' is said to have come from the Dutch word ‘schoonbrot,' which means "beautiful fine bread."  

 Scones were first made in Scotland in the early 1500s; who invented them is unknown, but it is reported that they were very popular at the time. It was traditionally cooked in circular shapes and made with oatmeal flour. Scones are usually associated with Scotland; however, they are also associated with England and Ireland. Some people refer to it as a form of cake, but it is not a cake because it has a texture that is completely different from what you would call a cake.  

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It's a basic recipe that only calls for milk, flour, butter, and sugar. Scones were traditionally baked over an open fire in the 1500s, but now that technology has improved, they are commonly baked in ovens. 

According to the internet, scones became very popular when the Duchess of Bedford, Anna, a close friend of Queen Victoria, wanted something light and sweet with her afternoon tea, so she ordered biscuits and scones. Since then, people in England have started buying and making scones for themselves, and it has slowly spread throughout the world, with almost every country selling these delightful scones. 

 Scones are delicious on their own, but some argue that you can't really appreciate a scone unless it's topped with cream or jam. In regions like Cornwall and Devon (UK), many people enjoy their scones with jam and cream, or sometimes both. According to them, jam and cream atop warm scones make the entire experience wholesome and enjoyable. Lemon curds and honey are sometimes added to these little breads.  

People add currants, chocolate, and dried fruits like cranberries or dates to their recipe in addition to the original basic recipe. These additional ingredients are chosen based on their personal tastes. Many people are unaware that a variation of American scones also exists.  Scones in the United States can be savoury and are typically lighter and flakier than their English counterparts, which are considered to be much denser.  

With a history like this, it's no surprise that scones are becoming increasingly popular around the world. So why don't you go to a cafe and get some scones with cream or jam to get a taste of the real England? 

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