Say No To These 5 Food Items That Cause Bad Breath
Image Credit: 5 Food Items Cause Bad Breath

A wrong choice of food can lead to foul-smelling breaths that can spoil your day and relationship too. The bad mouth odour lowers your confidence and leaves you feeling low. To avoid such experiences, here are some foods that you can avoid and combat the bad odour.

Why Do Some Foods Cause Bad Odour?

All food items impact your breath in some way or the other. When you eat, food debris sticks to your teeth. This left-out food in the mouth serves as a good meal for the oral bacteria. When these pathogens feed on this food, an acid is produced and that's what causes a bad odour. Building a habit of rinsing your mouth after every meal can help you go a long way. Apart from that, here are few food items you should do away with to get rid of the problem.  

1. Garlic 

Garlic contains a high level of sulphur, which has a very strong smell and that causes bad breath. Garlic is absorbed into the bloodstream and can leave a sulphuric taste on the tongue. If you want to avoid such odour, try brushing and flossing as these can reduce the smell. 

2. Coffee

Are you a coffee lover? If yes, you need to know that it can leave your mouth dry and reduce the flow of saliva. It further leads to a foul smell. The best way to balance and reduce this effect of coffee is to drink one glass of water after every cup of coffee. 

3. Dairy Products

Milk can be a good source of calcium and other nutrients, but it isn’t good for your breath. The bacteria found in the mouth particularly enjoy the amino acids which are found in dairy products, especially in milk. The breakdown of bacteria present in our gums that leads to the production of sulphur after mixing with the dairy products can emit a foul smell. 

4. Fish & Meat 

Fish and meat are rich sources of proteins. Non-vegetarian items produce ammonia which gets absorbed and transported through the bloodstream and reaches the lungs. This is what leads to a foul odour. 

5. Onion

Onion and garlic belong to the same family of flowering plants known as allium. Same as garlic, onions also contain a high level of sulphuric compounds that's responsible for bad breath. The smell of onions can be reduced by soaking them first in cold water and then in vinegar before eating. 

How To Combat Bad Breath?

Maintain a proper oral care routine by brushing at least twice a day especially when you indulge in the above-mentioned aromatic foods and beverages. After each meal, remove the food debris and bacteria from your mouth by cleaning up with floss, water flossers, or interdental brushes. Even just rinsing your mouth with water can work sometimes. Give yourself an extra layer of protection and get rid of bad odours.