Save Your Holi Lunch With This Quick Paneer Fried Rice Recipe
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The festive season is joyous only until the burden of cooking something ‘nice and special’ lands on you. No matter, how much you try or prep in advance, there will be something that you will mess up, especially when you are preparing something in bulk, or putting together a feast for kids. Sure, adults can be fussy-eaters too, but kids do not know how to mince their words. It is difficult to grab their attention, and even more difficult to impress them, right? This is why it is not a bad idea to include some classic, crowd-favourites in your Holi menu. And what is it that is a hit with everyone? You guessed it. Our humble paneer.  

Holi is inarguably one of the biggest Indian festivals. Much like in Diwali, people often visit other people on the occasion of Holi, to apply some Gulaal, and the meet and greet is often accompanied by a round of snacks and sweetmeats. If you are hosting a Holi bash at your place and have decided upon the menu, then you may want to tweak it a bit, and add this Paneer Fried Rice to list of items as well.  

Fried rice is an Asian dish that was Indian-ised by us a long time ago. That’s right, in China, your fried rice is rarely as spicy and hot. Now that fried rice has become such an intrinsic part of our lives, how about adding a few chunks of paneer to it? Paneer is one of the most versatile items in your fridge, you can eat it raw, add it to snacks or gravies or use it to make desserts(ever tried paneer ki kheer, you may want to add this lip-smacking dessert to your menu too). In other words, with a single block of paneer, you can think of both elaborate and extremely simple preparations. This paneer fried rice definitely falls in the category of the latter. All you need to do is cook some rice and toss it with soy sauce, ketchup vinegar and other chopped veggies of your choice. Add some thinly sliced paneer to the preparation. Cook everything well, since the cooking is done on high heat, paneer is possibly the best ingredient to work with here, since it does not take any time to cook. You can even garnish the dish with scrambled paneer.  

Here’s the complete recipe. Try it and let us know how you liked it.