Save The Bowl Of Leftover Khichdi For These Decadent Snacks

When it comes to comfort food, we can’t help but mention khichdi in the list. This healthy one-pot meal which is delicious and wholesome has made its presence in most Indians in some way or the other. For instance, every time I fall ill, I crave a hot bowl of moong dal khichdi made exactly like my grandma’s. It’s comfort for me. However, most time we are often left with a bowl of khichdi sitting in the fridge that either gets reheated for another serving or makes its way to the bin. But we have got you covered with some delicious snacks that you can make with khichdi any time of the day. Try them out and let us know how you like them.

1. Khichdi Toast

Serve some delicious, healthy and wholesome toasts with your morning or evening chai with this easy khichdi toast recipe. You can either serve these toasts with tomato sauce or any chutney of your choice. Have them with your chai or coffee for a complete meal.

2. Khichdi Paratha

Indians and their love for delicious and filling flatbreads is no hidden secret. So, why waste a bowl of leftover khichdi instead of making some delicious parathas out of it. The healthy, filling and delicious flatbreads are enough to prep you for the day.  

3. Khichdi Balls

Have a bowl of leftover khichdi but don’t want to dump it in the dustbin? Try making khichdi balls out of them with just eight ingredients in less than 15 minutes. The balls are fancy-looking, low in calories, nutritious and will surely save you from a trip to the market or pick up the tab. Fun fact- you can also serve these delicious balls as appetizers at your next house party.

4. Khichdi Khakhras

Want to savour some delicious Indian snacks with your evening chai or coffee? Well, you can definitely use your leftover khichdi from lunch to make these khichdi khakhras. The crispy, indulgent and quintessential Gujarati snacks, khakhras are the perfect soulmates of your chai or coffee. Need bonus points? These khakhras are also low in calories and very nutritious.

As winters are here, we know khichdi must be on your menu. So, next time when you have a bowl of leftover khichdi in your fridge, don’t forget to try these recipes and let us know how they turn out.